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Sunday, March 18, 2007 22:12
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March’s edition of Business 2.0 has a 9 page layout on the Top 10 products, ideas, and trends (not sure if that is for this edition, this year, or over the course of the next 25 years)In reading this article, I realized that each of these products, ideas, and trends had an application in china.. with of course some tweaking. for some, I hope those responsible are readers of All Roads as I think there are some products that should consider China to be a potential market and/ or application:

1) Setting Sail: A Tech IPO Armada

With $4.7 billion worth of expect IPOs this year in the United States, it is expect to be the largest year ever, and I think this will be true for Chinese companies as well. With the Shanghai stock exchange seeing massive growth over the last 18 months, the number of VC/ PE groups increasing by almost the same factor, and investment in R&D also increasing, the perfect storm for an increase in Chinese IPO seems to be forming.

It may not occur in 2007, however with news of early stage funding beginning to become more widespread and easier to attain (Probably due more to VCs running out of places to put money more in the U.S. more than an increase in quality investments), Chinese firms are beginning to get the early stage funding necessary to invest in their companies and this will result in more companies seeking 2nd, 3rd, and IPO rounds of funding in the future.

2) Rethinking the Time Clock:

This piece focuses primarily on Best Buy’s R.O.W.E. (results only work environment) system that manages the flexible schedule offered to the corporate folks in Minneapolis. With a 35% increase in reported productivity since its introduction, and store turnover at 100%, Best Buy is now looking to roll this out in its retail.

As for how this applies to China, and the management of local staff, it doesn’t… and I would highly caution any manager (local or foreign) against using this system.

Having spoken to hundreds of friends who have had issues with staff productivity and timeliness, this is sure to only exacerbate those problems, and I suspect Best BUy will find this out in their U.S. stores as well.

Can anyone imaging your average SOE on a flexible, come as you like time schedule!

3) Going Beyond Goggle with Guides

Tired of googling keywords yourself? think your searches are inefficient? We’ll let someone (a live human) help you find just what you are looking for. ChaCha, founded by Scott Jones of Gracenote, the aggregator and live human support is meant to provide highly customized and targeted searches.

With 30,000 guides making 10 USD an hour, the most immediate China application I see is to outsource this to a back office in China. Of course finding 30,000 qualified guides may be difficult, but with their goal of 300,000 by June I would suggest investing in the infrastructure.

Additionally, Dropping in a Chinese language product for Chinese consumers could also be interesting….

4) Cell Phones Embrace Wi-Fi

The U.S. is already behind on this one, and as I have friends who use their phones to watch their sling box, it is apparent that China could teach the U.S. a thing or two

I still do not understand why the U.S. is so behind here. Of course, the major carriers are going to get slaughtered in the U.S., but that is because they have yet to find a consumer friendly way to own the technology and retain customers.

5) Spuds Steal the Plastics Market

Move over Atkins, potato starch is a good thing for everyone!

Using potato starch as part of bioplastics applications, Spudware is a cutlery item manufactured with potato starch and soybean oil … IN CHINA.

with China producing more potatoes than anywhere in the world, and using a fair amount of plastic dishes/ cutlery, the market in the U.S. for these items will only be rivaled by those in China. The key of course will be cost ….

and whether or not they can make potato based chopsticks!

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