Business 2.0’s What’s Next – Sinofied (part 2)

Monday, March 19, 2007 22:39
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6) Smart Tech Fights Fakes
If you are in the movie or pharmaceutical industry, this is something you are fighting in China. Counterfeit products. Not only sold in China, but with many now leaving the borders of China, Chinese and western authorities alike are no looking for answers.

One problem with these gadgets is that those who are profiting so much from fakes often require little time to circumnavigate the stop gaps in place. Anyone remember the technology meant to prevent DVD-ripping that was foiled by tape?).

Wired also had a write-up for a product developed by Authetix that was very interesting as it measured chemicals on a nano-scale to identify when a product had been tampered with, thinned out, or counterfeited. While not on the market yet, the article states a commercially viable product will be ready in 18 months.

8) Cashing in Over March Madness
PicksPal is a site that offers users points for placing correct picks on games, as well as during the game, to be redeemed for iPods and other prizes. A cross between pachinko in Japan where winners have to take their prizes around the corner to get their cash (users of PicksPal can just list goods on Ebay) and a Xbox game meant to create the next generation of sports gamblers, this is a site that would surely have a billion hits in the Greater China market within a few hours of going live.

Famous for their gambling, Chinese have recently pushed the casinos of Macau past those in Las Vegas…

9) An Eyeball Test for Better Ads
Promoting the PreTesting TV units, the eMotion system measures where the eyeballs of viewers focus during advertisements (can anyone say big brother?). Of course for advertisers and product companies, this is valuable information as they perfect campaigns and products.

In China, with markets and tastes still very immature, consumer research is starting to increase dramatically as retailers and manufacturers look to capture brand loyal consumers.

Tools like this will gradually enter the market as design shops like the one I share space begin focusing more on the tastes of Chinese consumers when designing products to be offered in the Chinese market.. and as those products make their way into the global markets.

10) A Better Shape For Planes Take Wing
Accompanied be a sketch of the plane to be, the estimated 2030 debut (glad to see they are planning ahead) of a plane that consumes 30% less gas is a product that will have just as much potential in China as in the U.S.

for those of us in China, the increase in air travel is a hassle that we could do without as air traffic jams are backing nearly everyone up by an hour. Of course, for Boeing, that is music to their balance sheets, and with China ordering more airplanes than any other country now, I am sure BOeing executives are salivating over the potential china market

There is, and there will continues to be, debate on the level of innovation found in the Chinese market. It is known as a manufacturer of cheap and copied goods, but in the next 3-5 years one can expect that image to change.

While none of these products were specifically developed for the Chinese market, or by those in China, each of the above does have a China application. Not only will some of these products will be manufactured or sold in China, but it is possible that many of these products will be realized in the China market as well.

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