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Tuesday, March 27, 2007 11:19
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For those that are tired of reading about doing business in China, you have alternatives.
You can listen to it on your iPod on on your way to work:

China Business Podcast  – Technomic Asia

Steven Ganster, another Tbird in Shanghai, has put together near monthly podcasts of various topics and interviews.  Besides diving WD-40’s strategy in Asia, he also takes some time to debunk myths and lay track for successful strategies in China.

China vs. India–place your bets – Cnet

While I am a big believer in China, and I have yet to see anything to convince me India is an economy that will see much improvement in the next 20 years, this podcast offers some interesting insights for both sides of the argument.

It may not persuade you, but maybe it will flip a switch?

Educating the Chinese ExecutiveBizDeans Talk

HR and training are issues for all companies looking to operated in China, or are currently operating in China.  regardless of whether managing a small or large staff, overseas Chinese or mainlanders, training is something that must be taken seriously as a means to attract and retain talent.

Big ethics issues in ChinaEthical Corporation

This interview with Paul French is sure to be an interesting one (I have yet to listen to it) for many.

SupplyNow: TheChina Factor – Supply Excellence
How could we not provide a podcast on manufacturing.  It is why the majority of companies are here, and this three part series is very well done.

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