Next Stop. Ji’An? Uh… Anyone Have a Map?

Wednesday, April 4, 2007 11:38

For those of you who are only not beginning to consider the benefits of opening shop in cities like Chengdu, Chongqing,and Xi’an, then Ji’An is going to be a stretch. In fact, even though i have traveled to dozens of second tier cities, and thought I had identified the to 25, I apparently missed one.

All sarcasm aside, Jason Subler over at Reuters put together a very interesting article showing to what distance some companies are willing to move to capture cost savings and access to a stable power grid.

In his article Firms Embark on Long March to China’s Interior, he interviews several executives who have recently made investments in the town of Ji’An, Jiangxi province.

Jiangxi is a province in central China that west of Shanghai. Unlike the rich east coast and the center of attention southwest, Jiangxi is a relatively peaceful place where there are still terraformed rice patties and pine forests. However, due to its remoteness and poor conditions, it has not historically been a destination for investment.

some of the more interesting quotes from the article are

“We want to turn Jiangxi into a place that is a lowland in terms of business costs, a highland in terms of government services, and a happy land in terms of returns on investment,” Meng (Jiangxi’s top official_ told reporters during the recent session of parliament.

“You can’t ask a Shanghai guy to come — he won’t necessarily agree to come to live in Jiangxi, because clearly for him the opportunities are different in other places,” Datta said.

For those that are interested in learning more about operating in China’s backwaters, I do suggest reading the article as it presents an interesting look at Jiangxi and some of the drivers bringing investment to Jiangxi’s backwaters.

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