Helicopters in Shanghai

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 21:11
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A few years back, I was speaking to a friend who was looking at bringing to Shanghai an executive level helicopter service.

It was an interesting idea where executives would be flown around the Shanghai area on what essentially would be factory hops. Land in Shanghai from U.S., have a meeting, get on a helicopter to Suzhou, have a meeting, get on a helicopter to Hangzhou, have a meeting, get on a helicopter to Nanchang, have a meeting, etc.

The average costs of the trip would go up, but it is a service I would be many companies would find the budget for. Especially if their CEO had just taken a hair raising bus ride from Hangzhou

Unfortunately for my friend though, he and his client were thinking too far into the future. Their general aviation license was granted, but the PLA shot them down over security concerns.

According to todays Shanghai Daily though, it looks as if the problem has been resolved and operations will be moving forward for Shanghai’s first helicopter leasing firm.

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