Can’t go over it.. can’t go under it.. let’s go around it

Monday, April 30, 2007 10:08
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Finally! I have been able to put a childhood nursery rhyme into play as for the past several weeks we have been working on a Yangtze project, and through our interviews and research we came across what is perhaps going to be one of the biggest issues (man made) surrounding the containerization of the Yangtze:Its bridges.

That’s right, the bridges on the Yangtze, and in particular it is the bridge in Nanjing that appears to be one that is going to be particularly difficult to deal with

Ship bridgeWith Nanjing considered to be one of the key cities along the Yangtze, city officials have apparently (Of course this is third hand of third hand rumor) been having a difficult time deciding what to do with its bridge as it holds historic value. Finished in 1968, it was the longest highway & railway bridge at that time and became the symbol of Nanjing city, and of Mao’s era.

At only 24 meters high, it goes without saying that the current Panamax carriers will find it difficult to navigate past Nanjing, and through our interviews we have found that the limit is a 3000 ton ship (One operator said 5000 ton ships could pass under “ideal” conditions).

Nanjing bridge

Were the bridge not in the way, a 10,000 ton ocean liner would be able to make it to JiuJiang easily, and shipping capacity on the Yangtze would double…. DOUBLE

What is being done? Well, we found out that the China Ministry of Communications once did a little research about the possibility of taking out the bridge and ound out that this bridge links the north and south of China, and it is playing very important role on Jiangsu economic development.. so, they are now looking to find the investment necessary to build a 4th bridge to replace the current one.

Until then, smaller ships are the only choice, and for some, offloading to the east of the bridge is necessary to enable safe passage under the bridge… whereby the goods will be reloaded. Can anyone spell increase risk and inefficiency?

Unfortunately this is not the only bridge as there are over 20 in other cities (Wuhu Changjiang Bridge, Anqing Changjiang Bridge, Jiujiang Changjiang Bridge, Huangshi Changjiang Bridge, Wuhan Changjiang Bridge) that could use a lift.

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