Welcome back!

Sunday, May 13, 2007 5:19
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Hello again. After a 10 day break in Spain, I am officially back on the air.

With the last 2 weeks of business in China effectively idling, there was not a whole lot to comment or snicker at… but I hope you enjoyed some of my preplanned material all the same.

We hope everyone had a good May Day holiday and that your factories, distribution channels, and RSS feeds are back at 100%.

Matson China service

To get you started, check out this article on the cat who celebrated May Day in a container bound for the U.S…. maybe China (the name given the cat from China) should have booked Matson’s 11 day boat from Shanghai to Long beach rather than the 24+ one to N.C.?

For those of you in Shanghai who have not had enough time off, you may want to think about taking the 16th and 17th off… the ADB is coming to town, and bringing 2000 friends

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