The Halfpat Life: Brian

Friday, May 25, 2007 2:35
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BrianBrian has spent the last seven years in China, and is currently the Managing Partner of the Executive Search Group Orion China

Originally coming to China for business opportunities, he sees no end in sight to his stay in China… Defaintely a good sign for his business. He already has a significant amount of experience (10+ Years), and decided to take the leap without a parachute.

Language Background:

On a scale from 1 to 10, what level is your Mandarin? 6

How often do you use Mandarin in general? Hourly

How often do you use Chinese language skills at work? 75%+

In preparing himself for China, Brian only studied China’s history, and thinks that was enough

For those looking to learn more, he suggests going to Asia Expat and City Weekend to see what China has to offer

Living in Shanghai:

A typical day….

Arriving at the airport after a nice holiday overseas. Boarded a taxi whereby the driver drove like “Ghost Rider” in a VW Santana. His concept of braking is “start-stop”, with no concept of slowing down. Scrapped through 2 concrete toll pillars at 100kmph. He got us home.

Top 5 Things about living in China:

1. Cheap massages

2. Cheap DVDs

3. Cheap eateries

4. Money talks

5. Affordable housing

The bottom 5 :

1. Money talks

2. Everyone wants to be a boss

3. Talking in the cinema

4. Sweaty armpits in the subway

5. Air Pollution

Career path:

Cconcerned about what career opportunities exist back home, his plans here are solely dependent on him as he is “self-employed” with a staff of 6.

Do you have a business plan on the shelves? Yes

Have you ever carried 2 cards? No

Hindsight being 20/20 … Brian WOULD do it again if given the choice, but says it would depend on one’s experience as to whether or not they should come over… and he is a headhunter!

What has he learned? PRC Stands for Patience, Relationship and Challenge

What keeps him in China? Constant Change and Challenges creates opportunities. Chaos theory

Anything else?

It’s a business place, everyone wants to get in on the action and growth

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