Dredging the Yangtze for the Greater Good

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 10:29

following our first post entitled “If you can’t got over it”, we continued to do a little deeper into some of the problems that shippers face on the Yangtze….

With the Yangtze being know for the amount of silt it moves downstream, it doesn’t take an expert to understand how this might affect river trade, and indeed we have found that the Yangtze just isn’t deep enough in some areas.

Particularly bothersome in the middle reaches, the Chinese government has declared an all out assault on the river bed.. .and with good reason: If you want to balance out China’s growth, China will need to increase the amount of container traffic on the Yangtze, and to do that China needs to get the biggest boats possible up the river.

Nanjing to Anqing Finish the “reef destruction” work for Taiziji and Lanjiangji. At the same time, renovate Heishazhou and Tuqiao channel and deepen it 6 meters. China Communications Ministry gave 36 million RMB investment to destruct the reef in 2006

for Taiziji, and the project start in March 2007 (dry season). This is a very dangerous area for the river ships. Every year, there are nearly one hundred ships bump into those reefs, and cause all kinds of problems.

Anqing to Wuhan: The aim is that make the channel to 4.5 meters depth. Specifically, to work in the areas of Dongliu, Luohuzhou, Wuxue, Zhangnan where shallow channels exists.

Wuhan to Yichang: Recently finished the Majiazui first-stage renovation project, and will start the second stage of Zhijiang channel and Jiangkou channel. This area has a lot sand and mud, which often impedes the navigation.

Yichang to Chongqing Part. Begin the “reef destruction” project for “Kuweilouxigou to Tongluoxia” part which is a difficult part for shipping.

while above is the highlights, the picture is pretty clear. The Yangtze has a way to go from an infrastructural point of view before it is ready for a Postpanamax container ship to call on Chongqing.

And this is all before droughts reduce the river levels.

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