Rollin.. Rollin.. Rollin.. Get those Containers Floatin!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 4:46

Last week we told you to call your accountant, and now we are telling you to call your forwarder.

While I cannot take all the credit for breaking the news, we can report that others have caught wind and everyone is booking their containers in anticipation that July 1 will bring the VAT rebate reduction as rumored (Note: No official announcement has been made, however the attached spreadsheet was passed to several different suppliers by their local tax bureaus).

So, if you are hoping to book before July 1, I suggest getting on the phone with your favorite forwarder to make sure space is still available on your liner of choice (we prefer Maersk or Matson to LBC…FAST and RELIABLE).

Again, the VAT change is not 100% certain for July 1, but like last year our suppliers were given warnings that VAT rebates would be reduced. Last year, it was pushed for 6 months due to local manufacturer push back…. maybe the same will occur again… maybe it won’t.

Either way, anyone with aluminum products (ME) want to read this article in Russia Metallurgy as it appears our products have been singled out as going to 0% or 5% on July 1.

Incidentally (while I am thinking about it)… Matson recently announced a new China Director and the addition of a second route is on the way. Business is good for Matson!

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