Sometimes… It’s too easy… (updated)

Thursday, June 21, 2007 5:59
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This is an updated post from last week. Apparently, following this post the site was taken down and moved… But, never fear, I found it again, and I am happy to report that there are even better pictures than before!

The last few weeks for buyers in China have been rough. There have been scandals, political tit for tasts, VAT rebate reductions, and a couple of chemcial spills that have highlighted just how difficult it can be to operate here.

Yet, every once in a while it is so easy.. and fun.. and I thought I would share one of those moments.

Looking for a wire mesh manufacturer a few weeks ago, we came across the Guangzhou Baiyun Da Ye Hardware Sieve Netting Compan, and it was a treasure chest of good laughs.

BEsides being:

The permanent council member of the hardware association of China

I am sure they are a voting member.

Their history and international are also very rich..

have produce history fiveth is importment that introduce into international keep .It is an enterprise specialized in producing and selling

wariouds kinds of wire meshes.It is a company with the capability of wire drawing. One of net produce company is the best in China.

Now.. all Chinglish jokes aside (they have dozens more jems) .. it gets better once you see the pictures showing their billboard advertisements:

With perfect sevice,excellent quqlity,Guangzhou Baiyun Da Ye Hardware Sieve Netting CO., LTD.welcome all friends in the world.

My favorite really are the trophies.

sometimes, factories will go to any lengths

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