Hong Kong Vs. Shanghai

Sunday, July 1, 2007 7:07
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when I moved from Beijing to Shanghai 4 years ago, the first question I was inevitably asked was which I liked better…. Shanghai or Beijing.

Being a politically correct person, I said both. That I would not want to study in shanghai (different accent, and difficult to compel myself) .. Nor would I want to work in Beijing (slower pace of business in Beijing, and fewer opportunities).

This weekend while in hong Kong, I find myself asking while is better… Shanghai or HK.. And while shanghai is a clear winner, I must admit that it is HK would be nice second option.

For one, the minute I landed I was reminded of just how clean and orderly things were. People line up, stand to the right on escalators, and smile… The air is clean(er), there are clouds, and the streets are not littered with trash…

from a business perspective, things are also much more mature. I was able to open 2 corporate accounts at hsbc in around an hour. The account manager was so friendly, that he even pointed out to my hong kong director that her passport was about to expire.

And business attire is much smarter than in shanghai.

And that is what bothers me. Usually when asked to describe the environment in shanghai, I say it is like HK in early 90s.. And this trip confirmed it.

While HK has obviously picked itself up off the floor from the sound beating it took in 97… The people of HK are still looking up at Shanghai on the 10th anniversary of its handover…. the pace as which things moves is too slow, and th sense of urgency/ adrenaline rush just isn’t there.

HK vs shanghai? Shanghai all the way.. for now

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