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Apparently, when you pubish the news from one city (see Chengdu’s), you attract the attention of other friends who want to share as well their good news.

In addition to the below news clips sent to us, I encourage readers to view our profile of Tianjin and Tianjin’s Economic Zones.

Opening Ceremony of Tianjin Toyotsu Minghe Enevision Co., Ltd.

Held in TEDA Recently the opening ceremony of Tianjin Toyotsu Minghe Enevision Co., Ltd. was held in TEDA. The company was co-established by Ene Vision Corporation, a subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, and Beijing Minghe Technology Co., Ltd.

The company is engaged in the development, designing and construction management of combined heat and power supply systems and power plants as well as the consultative services for the related operation and maintenance management. It aims at designing, developing, and constructing the energy system best for China so as to reduce emission of carbon dioxide, fight against global warming, economize on energy, and make contribution to the economic and social development. In its initial stage, the company will provide services to the manufacturing enterprises set up by Toyota Tsusho Corporation in China. (Tr. by Chen Yu

Kawasaki Robotics ( Tianjin ) Opens in TEDA

Recently, Kawasaki Robotics ( Tianjin) Co., Ltd. held its opening ceremony in TEDA.

With a registered capital of 200 million yen from Kawasaki Heavy Industries(KHI), Kawasaki Robotics (Tianjin), a TEDA-registered Japanese solely-owned subsidiary will mainly be engaged in the marketing and after-sale services of robots (for conveying, spot welding, arc welding and airbrushing).

KHI, initially founded in 1878, is a time-honored technology leader in comprehensive manufacturing, whole-set equipment engineering, and civil products. Its business covers aviation & aerospace, R&D and manufacturing of railway vehicle and industrial robots, watercraft manufacturing, energy generation equipments, recycle and reuse equipments as well as motorcycles and cross-country motors. Its registered capital has hit 92.1 billion yen and its annual sales turnover 1322.4 billion yen by March, 2006. (Tr. by Zhang Shanshan)

Tianjin Toho Lead Recycling Co., Ltd. Held Its Opening Ceremony in TEDA
Recently Tianjin Toho Lead Recycling Co., Ltd. held its opening ceremony in the Chemical Industrial Park of TEDA.

It is learned that Tianjin Toho Lead Recycling Co., Ltd. is located in the Chemical Industrial Park of TEDA and covers a land of 20,000m2. Its total investment reaches over 50 million yuan, including 20.3 million yuan for environmental protection. Each year the company will treat over 200 million ton of waste storage batteries and leaded waste, produce over 12,000 ton of recycled lead alloy, and attain a sales income of 200 million yuan. And its products will be recycled in the production of storage batteries. (Tr. by Chen Yu)

Morimoto Precision Machinery Launches Production
Recently, Tianjin Morimoto Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. launched production at the West Zone of TEDA.

The second China plant of its Japanese parent company Morimoto Linear Systems, Tianjin Morimoto Precision Machinery is mainly engaged in the production of hard chrome plated guide pole for precision machinery and automation equipments. With a total investment of 62 million yuan, it covers a land area of 10,418 square meters (its construction area is 4,852 square meters).(Tr. By Zhang Shanshan)

The Good and Rapid Investment Absorption in TEDA
Recently Betafence NV, the largest fence manufacturer with a history of 125 years, officially opened its facility in the West Zone of TEDA. It is the first facility of Betafence NV in China.

Betafence Wire & Mesh Products (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., which is wholly owned by the Belgium-based Betafence NV, was established in March of 2006. With a registered capital of 2.76 million euros and a total investment of 5.52 million euros, the company will specialize in the production of barbed wire, hexanet, and other fencing products.

It is also reported that recently the project of Tianjin Pacific Millennium Packaging & Paper Ind. Corporation commenced its construction in the West Zone of TEDA.

Tianjin Pacific Millennium Packaging & Paper Ind. Corporation Limited, which covers a land of 36,000 square meters, was established by Pacific Millennium Holdings Corporation with a total investment of 15 million dollars in the West Zone of TEDA in March of 2006. The company will introduce the most advanced packaging software and hardware and mainly produce heavy-duty packaging cartons, high-grade corrugated cartons, show shelves, etc. After the completion of the project, the company will become the production and designing center and packaging R&D center of Pacific Millennium Holdings Corporation in North China. With the circum-Bohai region as its market, the company is expected to start its production at the beginning of 2008 and attain an annual industrial output value of 160 million yuan. (Tr. by Chen Yu)

16 Overseas-funded Enterprises Were Newly Approved in TEDA in May and a Large Number of Celebrated Enterprises Added Investment Again
In this May, 16 enterprises were newly approved in TEDA, and 22 enterprises increased their investment. Their total investment, contracted overseas investment, and fully funded investment reached 330 million dollars, 300 million dollars, and 100 million dollars respectively. 36 domestic-funded enterprises were newly registered in TEDA, with their registered capital totaling 60 million yuan.

Among the newly approved overseas-funded enterprises, 10 had each of their total investments exceed 10 million dollars, and two were set up by MNCs. Among them, such companies as Tianjin Telegene Video Tech Co., Ltd., Tianjin Xinpu Battery Co., Ltd., etc. became the new driving force in TEDA.

In the projects with newly added investment, one was funded by a Fortune Global 500 corporation, and two were established by MNCs. To expand their production and propel the development of the TNCD, many famous enterprises such as Fujitsu Ten Research & Development (Tianjin) Ltd., Tianjin DOM Electronics Co., Ltd., Tianjin President Enterprises Food Co., Ltd., etc. increased their investment again.

So far 4,387 overseas-funded enterprises has been accumulatively approved in TEDA, with their investment totaling 36.58 billion dollars, contracted overseas investment 27.75 billion dollars, and fully funded investment 15.79 billion dollars. There are altogether 9,335 domestic-funded enterprises, with their registered capital amounting to 52.42 billion yuan. (Tr. by Chen Yu)

Section B of TEPZ Approved by State
Recently, Section B of Tianjin Export Processing Zone (TEPZ) received its renewed land use license from the General Office of the State Council. The 0.435-square-kilometer area (known as the Section B or the West Zone of TEPZ), located in TEDA West, is supposed to border Xinhuandong Road in the east, Xinyeliu Street in the south, Xinxing Road in the west, and Xinyejiu Street in the north.

Quite similar to the existing portion (also known as the East Zone) of TEPZ, the new WestZone will be a special enclosed zone (an enclave within the Chinese territory yet outside the Chinese Customs) where ingoing and outgoing cargoes as well as other related facilities are subject to 24-7 supervision under the Customs House. So far, the East Zone has already been filled up with a variety of projects and enterprises involving electronics, furniture, garment, foodstuff, packaging, and other sectors. Local star enterprises such as Markor International Furniture ( Tianjin ) Co., Ltd., Tianjin Tongguang Samsung Electronic, etc. have registered a total import and export value of 1.08 billion dollars (640 million dollars came from exports) in 2006.

The new Section B will definitely play a positive role in updating the local processing trade. More importantly, the State Council is now studying the possibility of granting new bonded logistics function to the TEPZ to better satisfy the logistics demand of various enterprises. (Tr. by Zhang Shanshan

TEDA Will Set up a Social Service Center
TEDA will set up the first comprehensive social service center of Tianjin. The center will offer twenty kinds of services and serve enterprises and residents together with the TEDA Investment Service Center and the Judicial Service Center.

It is learnt that Social Service Center will be temporarily located in the Judicial Service Center on the 2nd Avenue and is expected to start the earliest operations before the end of this year. It is learnt that after the center is put to use at its temporary location, ten kinds of counter services will be introduced, which concern household registration, marriage registration, family planning, civil affairs, sanitation and epidemic prevention, culture and education, house renting, hotlines for residents, charged services, and information service. All procedures related to residences registration, ID cards, marriage certificates, certificates of only-child families, enrollment of children of floating population, registration of house renting, household service information, and payment for various energy rates, etc. can also be completed in the center. It is learnt that after the Social Service Center is officially open, it will add another seven counter services in succession such as HR management, employment, labor supervision and arbitration, social insurance, judicial mediation in civil affairs, urban administration, and comprehensive services. (Tr. by Chen Yu)

China International Private Equity Forum Successfully Held in the Binhai International Exhibition Center
From May 6 to 8, the China International Private Equity Forum (CIPEF), which was co-sponsored by the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government (TMPG), the All China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC), and the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) of the, was held at the It is learnt that the forum was not only the largest financing meeting held in Tianjin in recent years but a grand assembly by private equity funds and Chinese enterprises. The theme of the forum was participating in the global capital flow, creating a platform for direct financing, serving the healthy corporate growth, and promoting balanced regional development featured capital connection and speed dating. Meanwhile, many events were also organized, such as the Seminar on Private Equity Investment, the 2007 China M&A Annual Conference held by the ACFIC, the Tianjin Investment Environment Conference hosted by the TMPG, 18 sub-forums and promotion meetings with the participation of some enterprises, and 17 large meetings such as the Third Annual Privately Owned Enterprises Development Tianjin Summit co-sponsored by the ACFIC and the TMPG. At the main venue, seven areas were open for the connection with the funds of the ACG, security exchanges and property right exchanges, commercial banks, venture capital, agencies, chambers of commerce, and development zones. The forum was held in view of the rapid growth of global private equity funds. At present private equity funds have become one of the main sources in the investment and financing market. More and more private equity fund institutions began to pay close attention to the developing Chinese market. Among the 1,390 enterprises which attended the forum from 19 countries and regions, there were 207 investment institutions like private fund firms, which managed 471 billion dollars of assets, and over 900 enterprises, which owned more than 800 billion yuan of assets.

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