Faces of China Future, Beijing Lung, and How to Get Around the G F W

Sunday, August 5, 2007 9:18
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While I do not have my RSS feeds up and running at 100% yet, I thought I would share three blog posts that really set themselves apart this week. If you have an article, blog post, or report you think should be highlighted, please let me know. I cannot promise it will make the cut, but I will do my best to read it!

Society Snapshot: Faces of the Future
For those who are interested in the future of China, and its little emperors and little empresses, I highly suggest reading this post. While only a few pages long, this post introduced at three issues that China will face over the next 20 years or so: food availability vs obesity in China, little emperors vs. aging population, free education for all. Far short of answering the critical questions, the strength of this post lies in keeping it simple and peaking the interest of readers. For those looking to sell into China, this is a post for you.

Scare Pollution – A personal tale
Typically I reserve space over on Crossroads for a post about environment and health, but in the case ofAngry Chinese Blogger’s post entitled Scare Pollution – a Personal Tale, I will be making an exception. why seeing this post is important is that for those of us who have spent time in Beijing, we know full well how breathing the air there is unhealthy. Sometimes, it takes a picture though to sum it up. Bottom line, Beijing’s air is not suitable for consumption

My Website’s Blocked! How Can I Unblock My Website? and Damn The Censors!
China Webmasters and Humanaught have each put together excellent posts on a topic that everyone in China is constantly trying to get around, the Great China F I R E W A L L. Readers should first go to the article by China Webmasters to understand the mechanics of the GFW, the symptoms related to being blocked, and a few workarounds. Following that, immediately go to Humanaught’s post to download their new GFW cryptonite (a WordPress tool that changes offending text into an offending graphic that is undetectable by the GFW spiders)

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One Response to “Faces of China Future, Beijing Lung, and How to Get Around the G F W”

  1. John says:

    August 5th, 2007 at 10:51 pm

    I’d say one the most commonly overlooked causes of GFW site targeting is use of a shared hosting plan. Most shared hosting plans have an IP in common with hundreds perhaps thousands of sites. The GFW generally blocks an IP which means the entire shared server is blocked in China. Most web hosting providers allow you to simply purchase a dedicated IP for around 15-20$ USD per year.