New Poll: Who Really Needs Whom?

Monday, August 13, 2007 5:04
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Rock the voteWithin the last week, the stories about how China could and would flatten the USD through a dumping of the debt have been widely reported in the media.

China’s Threat to the Dollar is Real, China’s economic leverage, Big guns wheeled out in US-China war of words, etc.

so.. this week I would like to know who needs whom most? Who would feel the pain more should this option occur, and how wide would the impact be felt?

Would the U.S. economy be able to withstand the pressure, or would a severe recession take hold? Without the U.S. economy, would the Chinese economy be able to survive and expand at the 10%+ it has been…. or would it slide back into the 90s?

for those that have more opinion than our vote box will allow, write in with your projections.

Surely, with other headlines like China expresses confidence in U.S. dollar and China Promises Not To ‘Nuke’ Greenback, this is purely an academic exercise… right?

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