Foreign Subjects Needed for Study

Monday, August 27, 2007 9:47
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It is not often that I use All Roads to promote a good, service, or company … but friends help friends

My good friend at local product design house called Asentio is looking for some assistance in a small research project and was hoping that the readers of All Roads would be interested in participating. It is relatively pain free, there is a reward involved, and you may have a chance to test some new mobile products not on the market.

Description of preferred subjects is below:

We are doing a research on foreigners in China, may need your help in finding friends to participate in a 1 hour interview or keeping a photo diary about their life for one week. We want to know about the problems foreigners face in their life or visit in china – the research will help design a digital mobile product for foreigners. We will pay an incentive of 700RMB for diary and 200RMB for interview.

Respondents should be US or European and working in / visiting china for less than 3 months.

If interested you can contact Nichole Zhu @ nichole.zhu [@]

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