Chengdu’s Investment Wrapup – September 1

Saturday, September 1, 2007 2:42
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More convenient business creation, Chengdu’s first zero-down-payment company successfully registered
On August 15, commercial bureau of Qingyang district ratified and issued the business license to the first company registered with zero down payments. Chengdu municipal commercial bureau recently has issued a series of policies to loose market entry and promote private companies: allowing companies (except one-man business) with registered capital less than RMB 5 million to register with zero down payment as long as its shareholders promise to fund 20% of the capital within three months and the rest in installments. The industrial and commercial section will issue to such companies firstly a business license with validation period of three months.

China’s first aerospace high technology industrial base was opened in Chengdu high-tech zone
China Aviation Industry Corporation I recently has reached an investment agreement with Chengdu municipal government to promote the industrial development of the country’s edge aerospace high technology in Chengdu. On August 18, China’s first aerospace high-tech industrial base was settled in Chengdu High-tech Zone, which marked the formal transition of China’s aerospace high technology from technical research to industrial development.

According to CAIC I, the base will be built according to world-class standard, which will be formed into an aerospace industrial cluster in Chengdu combining scientific research and manufacturing mainly for China’s top fighters, first-rate commercial planes and airborne equipments, develop international exchange and cooperation, and drive the local development of aviation, machine, electronics and information industry.

Yinhai and Hewlett-Packard co-set up solution center in Chengdu
It was announced days ago by HP China Limited and Sichuan Yinhai Software Company that they will jointly set up Yinhai – HP united solution center in Chengdu. It is reported that the center is the sister center of the ones HP has set in Beijing and Shanghai.

Chengdu’s international air routes to be increased soon
It was learned on August 20 from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport that, Airline Oriental Thai will change its previous charter flight between Bangkok and Chengdu into a regular one by the end of next month, whose flight plan has recently been approved by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China; meanwhile, Russian AIR BRIDGE airlines will soon operate chartered cargo flights between Moscow and Chengdu and the opening of the service will upgrade Chengdu’s role as an aviation logistics hub in Central and Western China.

Chengdu is again Taiwanese businessmen’ strongly recommended city
It was learned on August 22 from municipal Taiwan Affairs bureau that, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association have recently finished a survey on investment environment and risk of 88 Chinese mainland cities and regions. Chengdu once again entered the top ten, with its integrated strength ranking ninth, and is also one of the cities strongly recommended by Taiwanese businessmen, the sole in central and western China.

Nokia Siemens Networks to enlarge its R&D capacity in China
It was announced on August 22 by Nokia Siemens Networks that it will greatly increase the R&D capacity of its Chengdu R&D center before the end of 2008. According to the scheme, the Chengdu center will become one of the biggest R&D centers of Nokia Siemens Networks in the world.

Global software giant Red Hat settled in Chengdu
It was learned on August 22 that the world’s open source software magnate Red Hat and Sichuan’s biggest IT outsourcing company Sofmit have signed a cooperative agreement to set up “Red Hat southwest SOA Resolving Project Center” and China SOA Service Center” in Chengdu. It is reported that the two centers will provide customized software management solutions for companies of various industries such as education, banking and logistics.

Chengdu has GE’s global R&D center
It was learned on August 22 from the organizing committee of 2007 (ninth) Sichuan Television Festival that, the festival will be held in Chengdu on Octobre 28 to 30.
Started from 1991, Sichuan Television Festival has been successfully held eight times during last 16 years and become an influential international audiovisual exchange event which is attracting great attention from global media organizations, as well as an important trading platform for films and TV programs and industrial equipments from home and abroad.

International science fiction pageant held in Chengdu
On August 24, China’s biggest and most important international science fiction pageant – China (Chengdu) International Science Fiction Conference 2007 was unveiled in Chengdu. It is reported that it is the first time for the city to hold such a big scale meeting of this domain, and it last 4 days, with activities including science fiction literature elite forum, 23 lectures, annual Galaxy awarding ceremony, as well as various exhibitions and themed movie-week, having attracted the participation of world famous science fiction authors.

Chengdu travel guide goes to the world with Lonely Planet
It was learned on August 28 that Australian publishing house Lonely Planet have reached a cooperative agreement with Chengdu Association for Cultural Exchanges and Chengdu Culture & Tourism Group, to launch a travel guide devoted to Chengdu at the end of the year.
Lonely Planet is the world’s most recognized independent tourism information provider, and its publication LP book series are seen as the most influential and authoritative travel manual, called the Bible of Backpackers by tourists across the global.

Chengdu is to build world-oriented Asia’s biggest IT infrastructure center
It was learned on August 29 that Global Data Solutions (Shenzhen) Ltd., HP and Microsoft will jointly invest over RMB 800 million in setting up an Asia’s biggest IT infrastructure center (in terms of size) in Chengdu High-tech Zone, which also includes a biggest anti-disaster center of Asia, to build a world-oriented background service center.
It is reported that providing anti-disaster service for data and systems is a main task of the center, which targets mainly 8 domains including finance, transportation, aviation and governmental organizations. The Chengdu center together with the anti-disaster centers GDS have founded in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen will compose a huge network, providing back-up for one another. The center is expected to start its early-stage services in this October at the soonest.

Second Chengdu International Digital Entertainment Week to unveil
On September 8, Chengdu commonly called Third City of China’s digital entertainment will welcome an IT feast of an unprecedented scale – the 2nd Chengdu International Digital Entertainment Week. Eight main activities including industrial development forum, electronic tournament, digital products and home cinema showcase, cartoon and animation design competition, display of outstanding works as well as a science popular fair will be presented around the theme of Digital entertainment – New life, New trend, and New industry”.

Among them, the national final of the international electronic tournament DigitalLife Pro/Am Tournament sponsored with the participation of GGL, the biggest gaming platform in US and third in the world, will open fire in Chengdu.

Fifth China Auto Products and Transformed Cars Exhibition opened in Chengdu
On August 18, the fifth China Auto Products and Transformed Cars Exhibition was opened ceremoniously. It is reported that it has total exhibition area of 20,000 m2 and attracted exhibitors of more than 300 companies, of which 200 are famous brands, and over 1,500 new products of first-class were exhibited during the three days. It is a most influential professional exhibition and brands showcase of the industry.

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