A couple of weeks in Review

Friday, September 21, 2007 23:45
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It has been a few weeks since the roundup, and whlie it is tempting to make up for lost time and list 10 of the most interesting articles and reports for you, I am going to keep it to 5. however, I must apologize that these are more than a week of the press… so, at risk of writing about out of date topics, here are 5 of the most relevant and topical articles/ publications I have seen lately..

White Collar Photo Gate
h/t to ESWN for bringing this story to light…. It is a story that really makes me wonder why expats are often unable to exercise any common sense while in China. The topic isn’t new…. Executive MNC gets involved with young woman working (Senior Executive Assistant) within the company. Nothing new in China… nothing shocking… but extremely idiotic. Especially when someone hacks the accounts, plasters the pictures of the girl all over the internet, and the mob starts looking for heads. My guess is that this issue will reach HQ, and someone will be out of a job…

Apple’s iPhone Marketing in China Leverages Global Buzz
Bringing to market a new product involves a lot of steps from conception to sale, and 2 weeks ago China Vortex put together a great piece on just how popular the iPhone is, and what this may mean for others in the market. Rumor has it that the unlocked phone will be available by year end, and as a Apple share holder I only have one thing to say… YAHOO.

The Truth About The Shanxi Traffic Police Corruption Scandal
Corruption scandals in China are something that one can read in the paper often, however this one is really fascinating as it draws back the curtain on some of the dirty little secrets found in the logistics industry. Working with logistics firms to assist them understand how to compete, it is a given that foreign and domestic operators have very different models. Foreign firms have a much higher cost per kg/ m3/ km, and one of those reasons is that they are unwilling to play ball to local way… and as this article shows, the local regulations allow for a lot more than overloading trucks. Bot just an interesting article, I will be interested to follow the ripple effects as China looks not just to clean up corruption, but with nearly 20% of GDP going to logistics it is clear that these practices are going to end up in the cross hairs of logistics firms as well.

Sustainable Real Estate Development in China (PDF Report here)

For the last 6 years, I have been watching a forest of buildings go up in China, and I have on more than one occasion wondered to myself “Is hyperdevelopment sustainable?”. So when I saw an announcement from Jones Lange LaSalle that they were launching their sustainable consulting practice in China, and I immediately called my friend Jileen Loo who put me in touch with their man on the ground, . While I am admitedly no expert in sustaibnable buildings, their practice and this white paper are very interesting, and I hope more groups will look to meet with them prior to planning their factory builds.

War Gaming Event: Taking Your Third Move First in US-China Competition
Yesterday I received a notice for this event in my inbox from one of the organizers, and I immediately looked to see if there was a chance I would be in Monterey. “War gaming” is something I personally enjoy doing and I have started a little group in Shanghai to debate the “what ifs” (look for an announcement soon on our upcoming event). Debating the unknown, and preparing for it, is something that many in China should really do more of. It doesn’t necessarily have to be planning worst case scenarios. It is simply the act of throwing things out there to spark conversations and seeing where it leads. If you are going to be in the SF/ Monterey area during this time, I highly suggest you consider attending this event. It has some strong speakers, and unlike many event where you walk away wondering how to apply something “learned”, this formate is sure to provide participants with tangibles that can be put into action. UPDATE – Mention All Roads and get a 20% discount. email Betty Tully ([email protected]) for complete details.

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