Is Dell Looking to go Higher with Haier?

Monday, October 1, 2007 17:48
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HaierIt has only been a few days since Dell announced its partnership with Gome, and they are wasting no time at all before stirring up the rumor mill once again.

According to the Digitimes article Dell and Haier Group reportedly interested in Founder-acquisition for China market boost, Dell and Haier are looking at the possibility of joining forces to rollup Founder. you may remember last year I mentioned Haier taking a stake in Founder.. and how I thought from a supply chain and distribution perspective this deal made a lot of sense.

Well, if Dell and Haeir come together on Founder, and both Dell and Founder computers can reach consumers through Haier’s distribution network and GOME’s network.. all using Haier’s world class logistics infrastructure.. well, I would say you have the makings for a potentially big deal.

One that Legend/ Lenovo – IBM are going to follow very closely.

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