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Tuesday, October 2, 2007 8:12
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It is 11pm on the 30th… and my friends in Chengdu have once again proven they are hard at work (they should be on vacation).

For software talent training, Chengdu to use European Standard for the first time
On September 8, the first International Lecture on Skills Standard and Training SISE (Sino International Software Engineer)/SFIA (Skills Framework for Information Age) for EU Software Outsourcing Talents 2007 with the co-sponsorship of Ireland Cornerstone International was held in Chengdu, which marked the full landing of EU’s outsourcing talent skills standard and training system in Chengdu. It was also learned that Ireland National Chamber of Commerce has chosen Chengdu as “Overseas BPO Base for Ireland National Chamber for Exports”.

Chengdu airport’s easy and smooth aerial transportation ranked second in China
It was learned on September 12 that China Association for Civil Airports recently published the Rating on Easy and Smooth Aerial Transportation of Major Chinese Cities, in which Chengdu ranked second among 100 Chinese cities with highest GDP, just behind Beijing, and in front of Shanghai and Guangzhou.

It is reported that it is for the first time that the association published the rating, which is based on two criteria: one is the number of cities accessed, and the other is the average shortest travel time; Chengdu ranked high for both criteria in China.

Multinational online recruiting group settled in Sichuan
On September 12, one of the world’s fastest developing online recruiting groups – Ireland initiated cooperation with Tianfu Talents (, which is its fifth partner in China, to make the later a flagship of HR services in Sichuan.

World’s No. 2 game developer entered Chengdu
It was learned on September 17 from Chengdu High-tech Zone that Ubisoft have signed cooperative agreement with the zone to settle its second Chinese R&D center for games software in Chengdu high-tech zone.

It is reported that the center has registered capital of 530,000 euros, office area of 2,100 m2, and a staff of 200-300 at the beginning of operation, which shall be devoted to the outsourcing work within the group and the developing of online games for PC, game machine and hand-held controller later on. The center also plans to use 3 – 5 years to cultivate a local core team to develop a totally Chengdu designed, produced online game which is to be launched synchronously worldwide.

China Development Bank allocates RMB 10.65 billion to support Chengdu pilot zone’s construction
During the financial meeting of September 17 on “coordinating urban-rural area, enriching and benefiting citizens and exploitability” between Sichuan Provincial People’s Government and China Development Bank, the bank’s Sichuan branch signed respectively the Cooperation Memorandum of Developmental Financial Support for Construction of Pilot Reform Zone for Coordinated and Comprehensive Rural and Urban Development with four municipal governments of Chengdu, Zigong, Deyang and Guangyuan. The bank also signed up loan contracts with Chengdu companies, totaling RMB 10.65 billion, in order to support the city’s pilot reform zone development.

Fifth China Investment Environment Forum to be held in Chengdu
The Fifth China Investment Environment Forum co-sponsored by Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, World Bank, China Information Center, International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission and Propaganda and Education Center of Ministry of Land Resources will be held in Chengdu on November 10 to 11. It was learned from the forum’s press conference on September 18 that experts and scholars from national ministries and commissions and financial organizations, representatives from large-scale multinationals and companies, including Robert Mundell, vice President of World Bank, Nobel Prize winner and famous scholar, about 300 participants will attend the forum.

During the forum, the World Bank will use the platform to issue Research Report on China Cities Investment Environment and Case Study Report on Chengdu Investment Environment.

China Headquarters’ economy 2007, Chengdu ranked eighth nationally in terms of development potential
During the 3rd Executive-level Forum on Chinese Headquarters Economy held in Qingdao on September 18, the research center for Chinese Headquarters Economy of Beijing Social Science Institute released the appraisal report on development potential of headquarters economy in 35 major Chinese cities in 2007, in which Chengdu ranked eighth.

As introduced, the evaluation system is made up of 6 first-grade indicators which are basic condition, business facility, R&D capacity, professional service, government service and opening degree, 16 second-grade indicators and 55 third-grade indicators, which is also integrated with an expert evaluation system. All data come from published Chinese statistics.

Italian logistics magnate seeks cooperation in Chengdu
It was learned on September 19 from Sichuan International Chamber of Commerce for Logistics, Italian logistics magnate Castanini is looking for cooperation with Sichuan companies to expand its business in Southwest region. Insiders believed that Sichuan goods were to enter into Italy more conveniently and fast, which will largely save the cost.

It is reported that Chengdu’s logistics market has already gathered companies from worldwide including American UPS and FedEx, Dutch TNT, Danish Maersk, French CMA CGM, Japanese NYK Logistics and Singapore APL.

Global top-ten chip producer Freescale set up world-class design center in Chengdu
One of global top ten chip producers – American Freescale Semiconductor announced on September 19 in Chengdu that its design center for the R&D of world advanced telecommunications and radio frequency technologies was officially set up in Chengdu high-tech zone. As Freescale’s long-term investment focal point, the center will be developed into a first-rate semiconductor R&D base in Asia.

As introduced, Freescale’s total sales reached US$ 6.4 billion dollars last year, and its annual investment in R&D is US$ 1.2 billion dollars.

Media tycoon Bertelsmann entered Chengdu
On September 22, Chengdu’s first membership flagship store of Bertelsmann Book Club, subordinated to Bertelsmann Media Group, a Global Fortune 500 company, was settled in Chengdu. It is revealed that the company plans to open 5 to 7 stores in the city in the coming three years.

Bertelsmann has the world’s biggest book publishing house and Europe’s largest audiovisual production company, and is the world’s No.1 retailer of music products and Europe’s No.1 and world’s No. 2 magazine editor.

New progress made by Sichuan in saving energy and reducing exhaust
It was learned on September 24 from the 30th session of the standing committee of the 10th Sichuan Provincial People’s Congress that new progress has been made in Sichuan in saving energy and reducing exhaust since last year; energy consumption per unit GDP experienced the first inflexion, from upward to downward. Sichuan’s following step is to strengthen the structural adjustment: rein the fast growth of high energy consumption and high pollution industries, establish the project report mechanism for new openings in the above industries and strictly enforce the six prerequisites for construction, adapt “regional limited approval” measures, and accelerate the elimination of poor productivity activities, mainly in electric power, steel, cement, coal, chemical, coking and ferroalloy.

2007 China EU SMEs Business Matching and Cooperation Incubation to be held in Chengdu
It was learned on September 24 that the 2007 China (Chengdu) – EU SMEs Business Matching and Cooperation Incubation which is sponsored by Sichuan Provincial People’s Government and EU Committee and undertaken by Chengdu municipal government and Sichuan commercial department will be held in Chengdu on November 8. At that time, 130 EU SMEs from the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain will meet more than 300 Chinese counterparts and have 1200 face-to-face talks. It is another pageant especially for small and medium-sized companies, after the China – EU Investment Trade Cooperation Meeting being held in Chengdu last year.

Matching talks with Sichuan companies, hundred Global Fortune 500 companies gathered in Chengdu
“Sichuan-Global Fortune 500 Companies Symposium” sponsored by Sichuan provincial government was held in Chengdu on September 24 to 25. High-level executives from over hundred Global Fortune 500 companies have gathered in Chengdu, and around the theme of “transfer and reception, cooperation and win-win” had a deep conversation with government leaders and Sichuan entrepreneurs, and also discussed projects with tens of large-scale companies in Sichuan.

It is reported that Global Fortune 500 companies including Alcatel, Siemens, Maersk, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and manpower as well as American Chamber of Commerce in China have signed strategic cooperation agreements with Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, involving IT, equipment manufacturing, logistics, finance, service outsourcing and investment promotion.

HERMES opened Chengdu store
Following Bentley and Bulgari, French top fashion brand HERMES opened its franchised store in Chengdu on September 26, the ninth in China and first in the West. Holding the same opinion of luxury brands Bentley and Bulgari, Lei Rongfa, President of Hermes China, expressed that it is the vigorous consumption capacity of Chengdu that have attracted them.

Sale of RMB 300 million in eight days, Chengdu motor concluded successfully
The 10th Chengdu International Motor Show was successfully concluded at Century City on September 28. More than 310,000 persons visited the show which last eight days and two records were made: 1077 cars were sold for over RMB 300 million, twice bigger than last year’s sale.

Chengdu’s biggest cold chain logistics project laid its foundation

On September 29, the cornerstone laying ceremony for Singapore RichLand Group’s Chengdu large-scale cold chain logistics project was held in Aerial Logistics Park of Shuangliu district. It is learned that the project covers an area of over 100m, with planned investment of RMB 300 million in constructing large-scale air-conditioned cold stores, freezers and common storehouses, measuring 180,000 m2, which will be the city’s by far biggest, best and international standard-met specialized warehouse, providing logistics services such as fresh keeping, cold storage, assortment and distribution for farm products. It is expected to be finished and put into use next May, and will then transport fresh vegetables, fruits etc from Chengdu and neighboring provinces mainly for Southeast Asian markets.

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