Calls For Reason, Gome Gone Nuts, Deficits are Good, and Olympic Pigs on Reserve

Saturday, October 6, 2007 8:29
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Importers Defend Trade With China ,US needs ‘new vision’ for trade,
and Bills Targeting China’s Trade Practices Draw Concern From Business Leaders
During the last few months of product recalls, the difference between what the papers and politicians have been saying has been quite different from what we have been saying on the ground. It has been easy for finger pointing and broad brush statements to be taken as fact, and as this has continued the fears of trade wars and backlash have grown. Well… it appears that some U.S. buyers and lawmakers have realized just how tied they are to China, and that if they do not do something to protect the relationship that they may be the ones to feel the pain.

All Copies Of Beijing Times Have Been Sold
One of .the most interesting stories about the lengths competitors will go to in order to prevent a successful campaign of another competitor, electronics retailer GOME (who just signed deal with Dell) has apparently purchased every copy of the Beijing Times to prevent the 12 pages inserts of their competitor from hitting the streets. While selling out the complete stock of papers is usually considered a huge success, GOME has duped the system and could end up a real mess once the Sunning lawyers come out with their estimates on damages.

Outsourcing and Trade Imbalances (PDF Here):
In response to increased political and public concerns about China in the U.S. from a macroeconomic (manufacturing and trade) standpoint, Henryk Kierzkowski and Lurong Chen of Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva have written an excellent paper on how trade benefits all. Even if both partners are running deficits. An interesting article well worth the read as many of the intangible benefits of trade are highlighted. I have always said that the U.S. has been able to defy economic gravity with the assistance of China,and were it not for China, more than the quote 2 million jobs would have been lost. I have never been able to articulate or prove that… but this article begins the conversation.

In China, Being an Olympic Pig Sounds Better Than Being a Human and China Bloggers Stew About Olympic Pigs
China’s recent inflation numbers shocked many analysts, and for those of us in China the shock comes every time one goes to the store. Prices are up.. especially on pork. Add to this, stories of product safety becoming more and more prevalent, and it is easy to see why local residents are up in arms when they hear about the Olympic stock of pigs who are on organic diets and going for daily jogs around the yard. For many Chinese who believe that foreigners are given preferential treatment, they now have issue to hold onto, and as residents are told to clean up their acts for the Olympics, the are some who are beginning to wonder what it is all about when they have to eat pigs eating who knows what while those invited to the greatest show on earth have a red carpet rolled out across the Great Wall. Just fuel for the nationalistic fire..

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