Let the Party Begin: CCPC Meeting Kicks Off Today

Sunday, October 14, 2007 20:12
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I wa always told to stay away from several things while attending business functions, and I think had someone been telling me about red button issues behind the Great Firewall they would have been much the same.

However, today I am going to make a quick departure from my typical politics free discussion to bring up the fact that (1) today marks the first day of all party discussions in Beijing and (2) I think this meeting of the minds is going to be a turning point.

Why do I say this?

Well… this summer has been an aweful one for China.  Internally there were cases of slavery, algae blooms, and corruption that hit the national stage… and externally, one only needs to type into Google “Lead Paint Barbie”.

In the journal this morning, the lead article on China was China’s Congressional Congress  Heralds a Generational Shift (subscription required) and its main assertion is that through this meeting, we are going to see a change:

The party’s 17th National Congress, which starts today and ends Sunday, is expected to elevate members of this younger, more broadly educated cohort into senior party positions, and lead to similar changes in posts around China.

When I read this article, I was reminded of a study that I read earlier in the year from Cheng Li of China Leadership Management called Reshuffling Four Tiers of Local Leaders: Goals and Implications that is simply excellent and a must read for anyone at the GM/ CEO level.  Leaving al the political chatter aside, why this article is so interesting and relevant to me is that this paper gives insights into just how things are being moved around behind the scenes to bring about stability and “harmonious society”.

In the end, why this is important to corporate leaders is simple.  through this political stabilization/ maturation, markets in China will be stable, corruption will be reduced, the environment will be improved, and so on.

at least.. that is the theory anyway.

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