Brits Get Rich in China: Part 4

Wednesday, October 17, 2007 8:02
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“he believes holds the key to his fortune in China…” That is the end of the sentence started in Part 3 that is finished in Part 4.

so.. the entire statement ‚ÄúPeter has found a man he believes holds the key to his fortune in China..”… and boy oh boy does the next scene say it all (Run Peter RUN!!) .. this man (Cecil Pih) is going to steal your money.. and your product

According to Cecil.. “Doing business in China is like the wild wild west… except they know how to shot better than the cowboys” (By the way, Cecil moved into the lead on best quotes with that)..

Cut to Peter and Cecil describing their partnership and their strategy… starting with Shanghai on the whiteboard, and then moving from there through his “connections, clout, cash, and cultural understanding”

To close the deals .. you need wining, dining, and wenching (I am guessing he means going to KTV and saunas?) – Peter is up for the first two, but uses his age to get out of the third

Bank to Vance who has decided the adventure is something his 9 year old son should be witness to the fact that his partner is ripping Vance off (money, product, and even his land). Following his manager being roughed up, Vance decides to make a surprise visit… and it is clear from the minute he pulls into the driveway just where his money went (new Audi A6 … new office block fully kitted with panoramic windows and leather couches… and a new house with a swimming pool)

and so it is off to dinner where at the end of end of part 4, Vance’s bug fails..

Best Quote:
Cecil – “everything is hot. money is hot. food is hot. the girls are hot.. you really could use your shirt in the wild wild west”

Color Commentary:
Peter – Peter just jumped into a pool that is way beyond his depth. He now has a partner that has “connections to the right people”, says Shanghai is the hardest nut to crack in China, and is unable to pronounce many of the cities he will visit massage parlors in… yikes.. nice choice Peter, but I really think you would have been better off with Ms. Dai’s sister’s father in law.

Vance – I have a feeling Vance is going to force feed his partner over dinner. He has been outright ripped off, and product is not moving. While I am sure Vance knows better than to hit a man while his is down, he might just kick him cause it is easier. Note to Vance – next time you want to build a factory in China (close to wood forests), remember that 97% of all pine enters via the Russian border… not the DPRK. Go to Haierbin, Houhot, or Suifenhe

Tony – No update in part 4… I wonder how the new site manager is working out.

This series has yet to fail me. I am sure that in the end all three are going to come out of this richer than all get out simply because the stage is being set for Vance going to jail, Peter being kidnapped, and Tony crying in the corner of a half built factory. the warning bells could not get any louder, there are bogies in the perimeter, we are going to DEFCON 4.

See you in a few days for Part 5… Hopefully Tony will enter the picture cause I really want to see the factory.

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