Brits Get Rich In China: Part 5

Sunday, October 21, 2007 0:31
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Vance – Back to the dinner…. where bugs, donkey penis, and a host of other special dishes are served up for Vance. Despite taunts from his son.. he takes a pass

Peter – Cecil’s sales campaign is in high gear, and Peter has gone from CEO to token foreigner in the meeting. The “negotiations” are in full force, but Peter exists the room (Note: If you are the token foreigner in a negotiation, you should not leave the room). Credit to Peter is that he fully recognizes this relationship is a complete gamble. He has no contract between them, and his solicitor has only been able to verify that Cecil was not involved (i.e. convicted) of anything illegal.

Tony – back in his hotel room, Tony is crunching numbers and dodging calls from the resident massage girls. His showroom is complete, and to make sure he can close sales, he needs to hire his staff.

Hiring in China is always an adventure, and Tony is taking a good approach. he uses the language of business in his clients world, English, and is relentless.

Peter – Cecil is MIA. Peter is not even sure Cecil is in China or HK, and he is starting to wrap himself in the warm blanket called denial…. it is just how it works here.

Vance – To make sure he can make it to his site (He is having issues with a supplier slowing production), and it is time to pay a visit, he has rigged his bus to say “olympic Inspection Committee”. A fantastic idea, but really… what the hell would an inspection committee member be doing at the border of the DPRK reading the Art of War.

Best Quotes:

Peter – “To check someone in China..It’s easier checking a martial from Mars if you can get onto them… you know. it is a different world”

Tony – During interview:
– Tony:”Do you have any questions for me?
– Interviewee: “Can you tell me what do you sell?”
– Tony: “What do I sell? umm.. uhh.. cushions?
– Interviewee: sitting in middle of showroom just has blank look of confusion

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