LSG Sky Chefs Finds Culinary Gold in China

Monday, October 22, 2007 8:13
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When I was a kid, going to the airport was about a cool as it got. I would glue myself to the window so that I could watch planes take off, landing, and luggage being loaded… and while I did know early one it was better to eat before going to the airport than to risk the food on the plane, one of the coolest pieces of equipment was the food truck.

For those of you may have taken the time recently to notice, you’ll notice that LSG Sky Chefs has become one of the most consistent logos found in the food industry, and so I was happy to see the following article entitled LSG Sky Chefs expands in China with Partnerships in Kunming and Lanzhou.

With China’s air traffic increasing at a torrid pace, I guess it should come as no surprise that LSG would see China as a potential, if not massive market… and lord knows airline food here needs help as well.

Where I hope this investment gets interesting though is that Kunming and Lanzhou have some of the most flavorful food to be found in China (see my flavor map of China here), and perhaps that will make its way into boxed dishes around the world.

Now if they would just give us proper tableware.

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