Brits Get Rich In China: Part 6

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 0:23
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Vance – On site at the factory, Vance has just received a warm welcome from the entire village (who depend on his business). Vance, while a bit rough around the edges, has literally developed an entire economy within the village.. and through this part, Vance shows a bit of apathy and gives his supplier another shot.

Tony – Not knowing the fact that the factory is complete until he arrives for the opening ceremony (wow.. if I had my whole life wrapped up into the completion of the biggest cushion factory in China… I would have lived on site).. Ms. Dai pulled off the project, and the largest cushion factory in China is officially opened, staffed up, and on the way to producing 6 million cushions. (now he just needs orders).

Peter – Still no word from Cecil, and rather than work on alternatives, he is having a drink and watching an old war film…

Cecil – Sitting in a KTV with a former Army officer in Guangdong, and has cut what may be the first sale over rice wine and karaoke

Vance – the factory is up and running and churning out 15,000 kitchen cabinets a week. He is rolling in the cash, and has opened up a show room in China to market his “European products” to the Chinese consumers.

Peter (and Wife) – Peter gets the call that the deal has been done (of course… the money is NOT in the bank) and all their wildest dreams have come true.

Best Quotes:
Vance – “high risk, high rewards.. as long as you know what you are doing. And a few million quid later, I know what I am doing. It was an expensive education..”

Cecil – “Now we’ve done the deal. Let’s drink”

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