Dredgers Used Early on Yangtze as Silt Problem Worsens

Friday, November 23, 2007 8:16
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Following up on yesterday’s post and two of the posts I wrote a few months back on the issues that face shippers on the Yangtze, low bridges and silt, comes the Xinhua article Dredgers used early on Yangtze as silt problem worsens

With such an important role in the development of inner China, the Yangtze is the most important river in China. If all goes as planned, APL supertankers will be able to carry goods to and from Chongqing, and that wil then allow manufacturers to move further and further inland.

Well… apparently, this year’s drought has show that while it is easier said than done, and that even the best laid plans are sometimes worth little once mother nature weighs in…..

For firms like China Merchants, this will become a problem as boats will be forced to a limited schedule and loads will have to be lighter in the affected areas (see map), and according to the chief of the Wuhan Branch of the Yangtze River Bureau

“Silting is getting more serious in the middle reaches of the Yangtze so we started to organize silt dredging last Wednesday, which is much earlier than in previous years,”

For China, the development of logistics has been a focus of planners for a long time, and they have devoted a lot of resources to developing rail, road, air, and water modes. For rail and water based transportation though, the development has been particularly difficult, and we can clearly see through this report that there are still some things the planners can’t plan for.

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