Chengdu’s Newz: A Lot of Investments, Some of Them “Green”

Monday, December 3, 2007 22:21
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“No. 35 Hongxing Road”, most potential investment zone for creation
It was learned on November 15 that during the Beijing International Cultural Creative Industry Exposition held days ago, Chengdu’s “No.35 Hongxing Road” Cultural Creation Industrial Zone had been selected among numerous candidate zones and granted solely the great reward of “2007 China’s most potential investment zone for creation” of the 2nd Investment List for Creation.

It is reported that the “No.35 Hongxing Road” zone project has been started up since September 28. According the layout, the zone will provide individual space and meeting chambers for settled studios of painting, photographs, music, arts and films, as well as industrial products designers, fashion designers and digital games developers; it will also open a biggest creative industry bookstore in Southwest China.

Tongwei to invest RMB 6.5 billion to build polysilicon base
Sichuan is accelerating its marches to construct the world-class polysilicon base. On November 15, Tongwei Group, Giastar Group and Chengda Engineering Corporation of China signed an agreement in Chengdu, to push jointly the 9000-tons polysilicon project design, half year earlier than anticipated. A huge sum of RMB 6.5 billion will be infused into the project construction in the future. It is reported that the project will build three polysilicon productions lines of 3000 tons for each, which will be the largest production installation for polysilicon in China.

Chengdu and Tianjin links, Sichuan companies’ imports and exports to enjoy the privilege of passing first
On November 16, Chengdu Customs and Tianjin Customs signed a memorandum on cooperation in home declaration and port passage of products. From then on, imported and exported products of Sichuan companies will enjoy the facility of passing first at Tianjin port. Before that, Chengdu Customs has also established such partnership with district customs offices of Shanghai, Zhanjiang, Nanning, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and it will sign the similar memoranda with Qingdao and Manchuria for the future.

Chengdu’s ranking in investment environment ascended greatly
On November 17, the 5th China Investment Environment Forum was held in Chengdu. During the meeting, the World Bank, State Information Center, State Development and Reform Commission’s international cooperation center co-issued the Investment Environment Under Double Angles of Corporations and Governments – Case Study Report on Chengdu’s Investment Environment, pointing out that according to feedbacks of survey on domestic and foreign-invested companies, Chengdu’s investment environment ranked first for domestic companies and 13th for foreign companies among 58 major cities in central and western China, becoming the “city of surveyor’s pole for investment environment in inland China”.

Chengdu began construction of professional exchange center for green agricultural products
It was learned on November 18 from the municipal agricultural commission that the West Green Agricultural Products Exchange Center invested by Chengdu’s leading company in agricultural industrialization – Sichuan Yule Development Co. Ltd, had formally started construction in Dujiangyan city, and is expected to be put into use next July. The project has total investment of RMB 200 million and is the country’s first standardized, modernized and specialized green agricultural products exchange center, which has been already listed in Chengdu’s key projects, and will be chosen by the State Afforestation Office as an experimental unit in the domain of green foods distribution in China.

UESTC and US National Conductor to co-build united laboratory
It was learned on November 19 that the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China had signed an agreement with US National Semiconductor days ago, to collaboratively build the UESTC-NS united laboratory. It is reported that both sides will take the laboratory building as an opportunity to develop deep cooperation in talent cultivation.

It is learned that National Semiconductor is a famous supplier of analogue techniques, keen to develop high value-added analogue chips and sub-systems. Its analogue products mainly target markets like mobile phones, display screens, basic telecommunications facilities and medical treatment equipments.

Generali China Life Insurance was permitted to set up Sichuan branch
It was learned on November 20 from China Insurance Regulatory Commission that Generali China Life Insurance Co.Ltd’s application to set up Sichuan branch had been approved by the Commission.
It is reported that the company was founded in 2002, co-invested by China National Petroleum Corporation and Assicurazione Generali, and is the first co-invested insurance company permitted in China since the country entered into the WTO.

Korean Small Business Corporation to set up Chengdu office next month
It was revealed on November 20 by Chengdu municipal foreign affairs office that, Mr. Jin Xiangjiu, representative from Beijing Office of Korean Small Business Corporation (SBC) had visited Chengdu days ago and expressed his wish to develop trading relationship with Chengdu. He revealed that the SBC will open the representative office in Chengdu on December 4th, to help Korean companies settle in the city and enlarge bilateral trade and cooperation. It is reported that the SBC has already set up offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Qingdao.

Sichuan Broadcasting Group joins hands with AGB Nielsen Media Research
It was learned on November 20 that the world leading television rating company – AGB Nielsen Media Research had recently signed an agreement with Sichuan Broadcasting Group (SBG) in Chengdu. According to the agreement, Nielsen will push close partnership jointly with SBG in areas of media data research and international cooperation.
It is reported that Nielsen is so far the world’s unique 100% television media research organization focusing on TV rating research, and has started the preparation of setting up a new company in Chengdu.

Chengdu was honored firstly the title of “National Model City of Intellectual Property Protection”
On November 21, the State Intellectual Property Office granted Chengdu the title “National Model City of Intellectual Property Protection”, the first of its kind in China, which is a best reward for Chengdu’s IP protection work.
It is reported that in 2006, the city’s IP application cases reached 9024, of which 5133 were patented, both ranking high among the country’s deputy-provincial cities and topping central and west China, and the ranking of its technology competitiveness among 50 Chinese cities was upgraded to 9th from 27th in 2002.

13 companies including Bohai Industrial Investment Fund became shareholders of Chengdu City Commercial Bank
Following Malaysian Hong Leong Bank’s buying shares for RMB 1.95 billion, on November 22, 13 domestic companies also signed investment agreements with Chengdu City Commercial Bank to become its shareholders, with a total investment of RMB 4.05 billion, which include China Railway Engineering Corporation, Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co. Ltd, Beijing Qiantong Technology Corporation, etc.

Chengdu Wenjiang district won the title of “International Garden Park”
From November 22 to 26, the 11th Global “International Garden City”’ final was held in London, the U.K, with over 80 cities (districts) from more than 30 countries participated. Chengdu Wenjiang district obtained with distinction the title of “International Garden City”, becoming the only city with such honor in West China.

“Traditional Chinese Medicine Fish Feed” included partners from Hungary
On November 27, under the witness of Dr. Tivadar Lippenyi, Hungarian vice minister of technology, Tongwei Co. Ltd, Hungarian Research Institute for Fishery and Irrigation, Hungarian companies Vitafort and Aranyponty, and Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences’ Wuxi Freshwater Fisheries Research Center, formally signed the memorandum of cooperation and understanding in Chengdu, and five parties will join hands to develop the project of “studying on Chinese herbal medicine’s adjusting mechanism on fish and shrimp’s nonspecific immunity and its application on prevention and cure of fish diseases”. It is reported that the signing of the agreement is aiming at constructing a world-level protection screen for food security and pushing the application of research fruits in global business.

American Kaplan Group set up international finance training center in Chengdu
On November 28, American Kaplan Group established formal cooperation with Southwestern University of Finance and Economics to construct jointly an international finance training center in Chengdu. It is reported that it is the city’s first finance talent cultivation center with foreign background, whose entry will definitely power the local finance training market.

It is reported that Kaplan Group has recently set up its East China Financial Training Center in Shanghai, and the Chengdu’s is its second and unique one in West China.

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