Five Provinces Get New Leaders

Monday, December 3, 2007 1:33
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Several years ago, while working with my old firm, I was working on a project with the Xuhui government. As part of this project and others, I met on Several occasions Mayor Sun Chao – who at the time was one of the most progressive politicians in China.

Our first meeting was perhaps the most memorable as my GM from HK had prepped me to speak my best Chinese to really show of the international flavor of the team. We were going up against some other firms, and he really thought that would add a few points in the column (Note to readers: yes, I was the token foreigner in the room, and my most valuable asset at that time was not my finance background, my analytic ability, or my MBA…) So, after given it my all and telling the Mayor that it was nice to meet him, he replied (in English) the same and essentially moved the meeting forward using English.

His vision was big, his experience was proven, and he successfully lead Xuhui District through a complete renaissance.

And it was right around the time of the Grand Gateway opening that he was promplty moved to the Minhang district. Some saw it as a demotion, but I saw it as a natural move for the Shanghai government to make sure that their best people were being moved into areas that really leveraged their talents, experience, and management style to balance out the Shanghai economic development.

With this in mind, I the recent report from China Daily Five provinces get new leaders in major reshuffle to me is a sign that China’s leadership is now feeling that it is strong enough to move 5 of its top leaders into areas that are in real need, and more than that, that they have the successors in place to continue the work these leaders did in the cities.

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