Wanna Know More About Xian’s Logistics Challenges?

Sunday, December 9, 2007 1:38
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It really is interesting where one finds up to date information about industries in China, but while performing some research on second tier cities in China, I cam across an interesting project proposal from the WB called Xi’an Sustainable Urban Transport Project.

Peaking my interest, I downloaded it (here) and found that this document contained a lot of very interesting information on Xi’an and the state of its transportation sector.

Current challendges include:

  • Coordinating Transportation and Urban Development
  • Improving Functionality of Transport Facilities
  • Inadequate Institutional Framework
  • Deteriorating Air Quality

Now, having visited Xian I would definately consider the last one a no brainer as Xian is in the middle of coal country. However, I did find some of the content that described through points 1-3 quite interesting, and if I were an outsider, I would find the information even more interesting.

when looking to understand the potential growth of China’s second and third tier cities, proposal like this can be quite good in plotting the dots. In this proposal specifically, there are a number of items that I see at strong guide posts for the future development of its regional system, and it is these guide posts that ultimately assist my analysis when putting Xian into the larger puzzle.

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