Panda Punching Democrates, Staying in China, Chinese Protect IPR, and Buying a Truck in Nanning

Monday, December 17, 2007 22:44
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Panda Punchers – #4 – Special Debate Coverage
Gotta hand it to Stan for staying on top of this. I have pretty much lost interest in the “debates”as they have just only shown the lowest of lows on both sides of the aisles in terms of mud slinging. however, as i began writing about over a year ago, U.S. politics is something everyone needs to pay attention to in so far as to how it relates to China. So, check out Stan’s three posts on the last democratic debate.

Survey: Global Manufacturers Staying Put in China
With all the talk over Chinese suppliers trying to taint the supply chain, I found the recent survey from The Smart Cube very interesting. Especially since 78% of manufacturers say the Mattel situation did not lead them to reviewing their supply chain… and David over at Industry Week questions China’s commitment to quality

7 writers sue Website over copyrights
In what looks like another step in the right direction, a number of popular writers have sued Beijing Sursen Electronic Technology for developing a website that displays their content in full. As a blogger, I know all to well that people have taken liberty with some of the things I have published, and it is good to see that now Chinese writers are taking Chinese websites to task. Where this case is also encouraging is that the writers were offered a settlement, but have chosen to go to court anyway.

Wanna Buy a Truck in Nanning?
Youtube is an absolute treasure trove of clips, and this one from a truck dealership in Nanning is a classic example. All quips aside about the choice of music, what I find interesting about this is that the manager of this store looked to Youtube as a way to advertise to foreigners to sell his/ her trucks. The target market is limited, but even one sale will justify the investment in time it took him to cut the video and upload it.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″][/youtube]

So, if you are in Nanning, you know where to go to get your rig

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