Chengdu Investment News: December 18

Tuesday, December 18, 2007 12:43
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1. Coca Cola to add product lines of canned coke in Chengdu next year
On December 1, while vice president of Coca Cola Investment Group Irial Finan met deputy secretary of CPC Chengdu and major Ge Honglin, he noted that Chengdu has became one of Coca Cola’s quickest developing areas and he has confidence in its market prospect. He also revealed that Coca Cola has plans to increase investment in Chengdu and will add product lines for canned coke next year.

2. Chengdu ranked third in terms of the number of headquarters set by European companies in mainland China
The Survey of Business Confidence 2007 issued recently by the European Union Chamber of Commerce shows that among over 200 surveyed European companies operating in China, 2/3 of them established their mainland headquarters in Shanghai or Beijing, Chengdu was their third choice.

3. Chengdu: Education Service Center of France set up
On December 3, French Embassy in China set up the Education Service Center of France in Chengdu, which is the fifth of its kind in China, after that of Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan.

It is reported that the Chengdu chapter of EduFrance China will preside over the examining work of Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Xinjiang, etc, which will facilitate enormously examinees in West China to take the French qualification exams, and Chengdu’s first French test for visa was started on December 6.

4. To Stride into Central and West China, Korean companies starting from Chengdu
Following the setting up of Korea Trade Center (Chengdu) and Korean Chamber of Commerce in Sichuan, Chengdu representative office of Korean Small Business Corporation (SBC) was officially opened on December 4. It is reported that the SBC manage and act for an aid fund of about RMB 1 billion, which is to be used to help the development of small and medium sized enterprises. The Chengdu office will incubate the first batch of 10 SME companies, involving various sectors of business including costume, cosmetics, printer accessories and artware.

5. Qingyang district became China’s first Pilot zone for coordinated urban and rural public cultural construction
Displaying characteristics of city culture lets common citizens share the fruits. On December 4, Qingyang district of Chengdu was awarded by the Ministry of Culture as the first “Pilot zone for coordinated urban and rural public cultural construction” in China. Supports both from policies and economic will be provided for Qingyang district in the future to explore its construction of urban-rural public culture, noted by related departments.

6. Commercial Guide of Chengdu officially published
The first English-language book to comprehensively introduce Chengdu’s economic development and investment environment to overseas investors – Commercial Guide of Chengdu was officially released at the book-launching ceremony held in Chengdu on December 6.

It is reported that the Guide covers 12 key industries including software, finance, real estate and electronics, which is based on on-site investigations and edited by senior economic analyst from China Knowledge of Singapore, a world’s leading investment advisory firm. The book will be distributed through multiple channels in 52 countries and regions around the world, noted by a person in charge of China Knowledge.

7.Exchange on digital entertainment development, Chengdu brought down the house
The highly expected Annual (Fifth) China Game Industry Conference 2007 was held in Beijing on December 6. At the meeting, Chengdu Association of Software Industry and Chengdu Municipal Information Bureau obtained respectively the special honors of “National Excellent Association of Animated Games 2007” and “Model Governmental Organization Supporting Animation Industry Development 2007”, while 3

Chengdu-based games companies also won related prizes, which are Sichuan Jingrui Animation, Chengdu Dreamwork and Chengdu Aurora.

Statistics show that Chengdu has currently more than 60 digital entertainment related companies, which have produced and launched in total over 60 high-quality games or animated pictures, with employees of 15,000 and original creation and processing capacity of 10,000 minutes. The sales revenue of its digital entertainment industry is expected to exceed RMB 1.5 billion by the end of this year.

8. China’s first mobile phone film industry base settled in Chengdu
Sponsored by Chengdu municipal government and organized by Chengdu Media Group and Zhongbo Media, the Annual Grand Ceremony of China (Chengdu) International Mobile-Phone Films 2007 was held in Chengdu on December 7. Chengdu Media Group and Zhongbo Media announced at the opening ceremony that the annual grand event of mobile-phone films is to be permanently settled in Chengdu, and will construct collaboratively China’s first mobile phone films base.

It is reported that the base includes China’s biggest R&D, production and exchange center for mobile phone, a short film storehouse as well as a mobile phone digital entertainment experience center.

9. Unicom and Qualcomm to co-construct experience center in Chengdu
After Beijing and Shanghai, the third new technology experience center set up jointly by the global CDMA giant Qualcomm Inc and China Unicom was officially settled in Chengdu on December 7, indicating that two parties are accelerating the popularization of CDMA application services in China.

10. First-stage construction of No.2 subway expected to start in this month
On December 10, according to the head of Chengdu Metro Company, the first stage construction of No. 2 subway of Chengdu is expected to start at the end of this year, signifying that there will be two subway lines under construction in Chengdu next year. It is learned that the No.1 subway is estimated to begin trial run in 2010 and the No. 2 subway in 2012.

11. Jinsha obtained the prize of “Excellent Exported Cultural Product”
Recently the music drama Jinsha won the honored prize of “Excellent Exported Cultural Product” awarded by the State Ministry of Culture, Chengdu’s unique prized cultural item. It is reported that the prize was given as an encouragement by the cultural ministry to some good culture export companies, cultural products and service items for the first time.

12. Fujitsu will increase investment in Chengdu
It was learned on December 10 that Fujitsu Microelectronics Group for Asia and the Pacific under Japanese Fujitsu Group is to increase its investment in Chengdu and will build Chengdu West Star Chips Co., Ltd, invested last year by the group with RMB 50.4 million, into Fujitsu’s important partner in China, which is estimated to be expanded into a R&D force of 300 persons in the coming 3 years. It is revealed that WestStar will mainly engage in the designing of Fujitsu’s chips for digital audiovisual and micro-controller and simulation products as well as the R&D of related high-tech projects.

13. Invested with RMB 350 million, Chengdu’s “blue-collar cradle” constructed in Pixian
On December 12, vice minister of labor and social security, Zhang Xiaojian, and deputy governor of Sichuan province, Zhang Zuoha participated in the foundation laying ceremony of Chengdu Technician College in Pixian county, which has a total investment of RMB 350 million and an area of 400mu and is estimated to be put in use next July.
It is reported that the college is constructed on the basis of Chengdu Senior Technical School and adopts the mode “1+9”, that is, to build Chengdu general school in Pixian and 9 branch schools in Qionglai, Qingbaijiang, Dujiangyan, Pengzhou, Chongzhou, Jintang, Dayi, Pujiang and Xinjing. The college will train high qualified technicians mainly for 6 key industries including electronic information, mould and automobile and enroll over 10,000 students after its completion.

14. Taikang Life Financial Backup Services Center settled in High-tech Zone
Chengdu Financial Backup Services Center has a valuable new acquisition: on December 13, Taikang Life Insurance Company Ltd and Chengdu High-tech Zone signed a cooperative agreement and Taikang Life Financial Backup Services Center was formally settled in the zone.

According to the agreement, Taikang Life will invest around RMB 600 million in setting up the center, which includes an anti-disaster center, backup center, West China training center and its Sichuan branch office space. The project covers an area of 45m and its construction will start next June. The settling of the center will facilitate the high-tech zone’s effort to build the aggregation of financial backup services centers as well as push the fast development of Chengdu’s financial services industry.

15. Dongfang Electric Corporation settled in Chengdu High-tech Zone
On December 13, Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC) and Chengdu High-tech Zone’s administration committee signed a cooperative agreement on the settling of Dangfang Electric Co. Ltd in the zone.

DEC is China’s largest power equipment manufacturer and power project contractor, and one of 54 state-owned backbone companies supervised by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, whose power equipment output has ranked No. 1 globally for three consecutive years. Its settling in the high-tech zone will enhance the zone’s electromechanical device manufacturing capability and further drive the development of Chengdu’s large equipment manufacturing.

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