Nanjing Road.. Will the Construction Ever End: Part 2

Tuesday, January 8, 2008 13:25
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Last year while enduring a jack hammer educed headache I wrote a post entitled Nanjing Road… Will the Construction Ever End? where I wondered if the construction on Nanjing Road would ever come to an end. After all, it is the showcase street for Shanghai.

Well, 12 months after that post, while working on a retail project I was given an excuse to put together an update.. and while one would think we would be coming to an end, the construction on Nanjing Road clearly has a way to go.

Nanjing East Road Development


Starting off on Nanjing east Road East of People’s park, the primary development activity is occurring in and around the People’s Park and Nanjing East Metro stations. For the area surrounding People’s park, there are really two underlying reasons for the development: the People’s Park METRO expansion and commercial/ retail development occurring to the north of Nanjing Road. On a larger scale though, the development of Henan Road (and Nanjing East METRO station) is on a much larger scale though as the road is being widened, old buildings were demolished, and a series of mixed use properties are being develop all the way to the Yan An Expressway.

Nanjing Middle Road Development

Looking at middle segment of Nanjing Road People’s Park to Taixing Road, there is a lot of activity occurring that will result in several new new Commercial and retail facilities The area from Huangpi Road to the Shanghai Media Group building has benefited the most from this development as the last 5 years have brought Ciro’s Plaza, Tianan Plaza, and the JW Marriott, however there are four to five new buildings left to go in this cluster before the development of this area will be complete. Further down, the area from Nanjing Road to Weihai Road between Shimen Yi Road and the Shanghai Media Group will soon see the end of its demolition (to be commercial/ residential/ retail).

Nanjing West Road Development

The final segment, west of the Portman is seeing a lot of activity as well. With the Park PLace development soon to open (mid 2008), the entire block between Huashan Road and Urumqi Road on Nanjing road is under development and there is significant demolition activity occurring in this area. Additionally, where Nanjing Road splits, there are also signs that demolition crews will be brought in as these buildings are now 90% vacant and walls have been constructed on the north side of the road.

To support all this, the sidewalks were recently ripped up again to increase the fiber optic cables, and while that mean the reintroduction of jack hammers, we did get a replacement sidewalk that is new, even, and in good taste.

. Over the course of my last project, I walked more than 4 districts of Shanghai looking at various developments, and while I previously considered myself pretty comfortable with each of the neighborhoods… I was able to learn a lot through this time, and some of what I have seen I will be able to share. So, stay tuned as I look at a few other districts, and real estate markets

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