Chengdu Investment News: January 16, 2008

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Chengdu joined City Club of GDP RMB 300 billion
The “RMB 300 billion club” of City (non municipality) GDP was largely enlarged in 2007. According to the calculation based on the published data of 2007, 7 cities including Chengdu, Wuhan and Dalian entered into the group. Among 13 club members, 9 are deputy-provincial cities in China.

The entry of Chengdu and Wuhan has broken the “monopoly” of east coastal developed areas in the “RMB 300 billon club”.

Imports and exports value of Chengdu Export Processing Zone ranked first in central and west China
On January 2, the China Freetrade Export Association sent a congratulation letter to Chengdu municipal government, congratulating that Chengdu’s Export Processing Zone has achieved imports and exports of 2.2 billion dollars by the end November of 2007, ranking eighth among 45 export processing zones throughout the country and first in central and west China (including the Northeast region).

Performance of governmental websites appraised, Chengdu’s ranking third of the country
On January 12, the “result release of sixth (2007) China governmental websites’ performance appraisal and experience exchange meeting” sponsored by the State Council’s information office was held at the Great Hall of the People. The white paper of the “2007 appraisal report of China governmental websites performance” was released during the meeting, where the list of performance of China governmental websites of ministries and commissions and of provinces and cities was also published. Of 333 municipal-level governmental websites, Chengdu’s ranked the third.

CATIC International Trade Corporation was set up in Chengdu
Chengdu CATIC International Trade limited company co-invested by China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Company (CATIC), Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group and No.611 Institute of China Aviation was set up in Chengdu on December 18, 2007, with a registered capital of 13 million RMB, and CATIC is the main shareholder.

It is reported that the new company is the only regional trading company set up by CATIC in recent years, which will become the operation center of CATIC in Southwest China and also serve as a trading platform for China Aviation Industry Corporation I (AVIC1) in the southwest region, promoting the cooperation of AVIC1 with this part of China.

After its foundation, the company will help build Chengdu into an important subcontracting production base of international aviation products, as well as promote the exportation of product line installations for Fighter “Fierce Dragon” and of high-tech equipments such as analog machine, pushing Sichuan-made high-tech products into the world market, and its export value is predicted to reach $100 dollars in 2008, introduced Ma Zhiping, vice General Manager of CATIC and President of the new company.

TianPing Auto Insurance and Kuo Hua Life Insurance set up financial backup services centers in Chengdu
With the signing of investment agreements at the end of last year by heads of TianPing Auto Insurance and Kuo Hua Life Insurance to build financial backup services centers in Chengdu, there are 12 national-level financial institutions having already set up financial backup centers in Chengdu up to now.

Neo-Neon signed investment agreement with Chengdu Jianyan for LED lighting project
It was learned on January 2 that Jianyan prefectural city and Hong Kong Neo-Neon Holding Ltd – World’s largest decorative lighting producer have signed an investment agreement to make LED lighting fittings. The project is located in Jianyan industrial zone, covering an area of 120mou, with a total investment of $10 million dollars, of which $5 million for the first phase.
It is reported that LED is a kind of semiconductor lighting equipment, which has virtues such as small size, light weight, low energy consumption, long longevity and no pollution; LED lighting is a “green light source”.

Netherlands’s GTC to construct MALL in Chengdu
It is reported that a famous commercial property developer GTC Group from Netherlands who appreciates Chengdu’s business atmosphere, has decided to join hands with Hong Kong Lucky Hope Estate Group to develop a large-scale shopping mall in Chengdu. The project having a total investment about 57 million euros, land use area of 46,000 square meters and actual building area of 60,000 square meters, is predicted to be completed in mid 2009.

Chengdu airport recorded coming and leaving passengers of 18 million last year
In 2007, the passenger throughput at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport was 18 million, ranking sixth of the country, up 9.6% over the previous year; Chengdu remains the No.1 airport in West China. It is learned that currently the Shuangliu Airport mainly has China Airlines, Sichuan Airlines and United Eagle Airlines, three base airline companies, and nearly 30 domestic and foreign airlines operating there, with flights to 94 cities.

Also as is introduced by Sichuan Airport Group, during the “tenth five-year” period, Chengdu airport will invest RMB 12.7 billion in building the second runway and a new terminal building, so by the year of 2010 when the project is finished and put into use, the airport’s annual passenger and cargo throughput will exceed 25 million and 500,000 tons, entering respectively into the ranking of the first 80 and 50 airports in the world.

China Airlines planning to open the Chengdu – Osaka route
It was learned on January 4 from the Southwest Branch of China Airlines that the company will open the regular flights on the Chengdu-Dalian-Osaka route in March, three times a week flying with A319.

Sichuan’s furniture exports first surpassed $50 million dollars
It is learned from the 2008 New Year Meeting of Sichuan Commercial Chamber of Imports and Exports of Furniture held on January 9 that, according to the statistics of the customs, by the end November of 2007 the export of Sichuan furniture amounted to $46.65 million dollars, up 112.6% year-on-year, and the whole-year export volume is expected to break through $50 million dollars.

It is reported that Sichuan is an important province of furniture making, with output ranking third in China. In 2006, the total production value exceeded RMB 25 billion. The Sichuan Furniture Industrial Park currently in construction in Qionglai is the first industrial park engaging mainly in export-oriented activities in Sichuan. With an area of 2052mou and investment of RMB 1.2 billion, the park will contain 8 professional manufacturing zones for furniture, sofa, office furnishing, etc, as well as a comprehensive building of 30,000 square meters, which is expected to be completed in 2009 and put into use. Its products will mainly target high-end domestic market and international market.

Sichuan will build China’s selenium-rich agricultural base
A region rich in natural selenium has been discovered in Sichuan, located in Wanyuan city of Dazhou, which will be vigorously developed into China’s selenium-rich agricultural base by the local government in the coming years. The selenium content in the soil of Wanyuan has virtues for agricultural development such as ease absorbability for human body, wide coverage and good quality, and Wanyuan city will build the natural selenium-rich base around such agricultural industries as green tea, black-boned chicken, traditional Chinese medicinal materials and edible fungus, reported the journalist on January 9 from the press conference on China Natural Selenium-rich Agricultural Base held in Chengdu by Wanyan city, Dazhou.

West China’s first manufacturing technique alliance for automobile bodywork established in Chengdu
On January 9, the West China’s first manufacturing technique alliance of automobile bodywork – Chengdu alliance of innovation of technological equipment for automobile bodywork was inaugurated in Qingyang Industrial Concentration Development Zone. It is reported that the alliance composed of 13 units including local first-line motor vehicle equipment and mold companies as well as universities and institutes, will have Sichuan Chengfei Integration Technology Corp. Ltd as the leading role and Southwest Jiaotong University and Sichuan University as technical support, to form an aggregated product chain of technical equipments for automobile bodywork and key components and build an aggregated production base of such domain facing international and domestic markets. The alliance’s industrial scale will evolve to RMB 2 billion in 2010 and RMB 8 billion in 2015.

World’s largest provider of outsourced offices Regus entered in Chengdu
The world’s largest provider of outsourced offices Regus came into Chengdu, companies can rent a work place at any moment they want at a half price cheaper than offices of similar level. On January 11, Regus formally set up in Chengdu its first business center in West China, of 1,300 square meters. It is revealed that Regus also intends to look for partner to open its second center in Chengdu.

It is reported that Regus currently has established 25 business centers in six Chinese cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dalian and Hong Kong.

Fourth international forum of exhibition economy opens in Chengdu
China exhibition industry’s highest-level pageant – the fourth International Cooperative Forum of Exhibition Economy of China and ninth China International Exhibition and Conference Show are being held in Chengdu on January 14 to 16. It is reported that it is for the first time staged in a western city of China after having been held in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai, three first-tier cities.

According to the statistics of the CCPIT Chengdu, up to the end of last year, the total exhibition area will surpass 1.5 million square meters and the number of exhibitions held is over 260 in Chengdu; direct revenue from exhibition industry is estimated to exceed RMB 1.1 billion, up 23.1% year-on-year, with each index leading in cities in central and west China.

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