Shanghai Passes HK Throughput of TEUs.

Saturday, January 19, 2008 5:56
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While on a trip to Sinapore in 2001 with 30 Thunderbird students, we were given a behindthe scenes tour of the singapore port and its plans to develop.  the goal was simple.. surpase HK once and for all.

Well, apparently it didn’t work out as planned, and as reported in the China and Shanghai Daily papers, Shanghai has now passed HK to become the world’s second largest port with an amazing 26+ million TEUs.

If there were any doubt about how important the Yangtze delta has become, this should bring about a bit of reality.  26 million TEUS is nearly the throughput of the entire country of Vietnam, and that is factoring in the bulk freight that is also moving through the port.

and if that weren’t enough, Tianjin just logged a 20% increase on last year with 7 million TEUs … and is looking to ramp that us significantly over the next few years.

Now wonder a PE fund specifically for improving the shipping industry is being set up in Tianjin…. Shipping expansion floated

So, congratulations to the folsk at Shanghai Port, and JIAYOU to the folks at Tianjin port.

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