CSR Supply Chain Summit: Session Notes

Friday, January 25, 2008 3:36
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As I mentioned earlier this week, I spoke at the CSR Summit of the Supply Chain Council, and all in all, I have to say that this was one of the best CSR events I had been to in a while.

Max really did a great job of making the most of time. The topics covered were well planned,and the people who attended were obviously very interested in participating (a number of people flew in to speak and/or attend).

He didn’t limit people to a single questions, he asked hard questions, and in the end what happened was that the environment for discussion was catalyzed.

I have posted the notes from the event on Crossroads, and invite you to take 15 minutes to have a read through.

Session 1 Notes:

Carlos Flores of China Center for Labor and Environment:
Topic:Smarter Approaches to Corporate Responsibility

Richard Brubaker: China SDP
Topic: Clean Up or Close Up

Session 2 Notes

Nigel Topping: Carbon Disclosure Project
Topic:Carbon disclosure in the China Supply Chain

Oliver Levy: Dragon Sourcing
Topic: Survey Results – Socially Responsible Procurement

Michael Zhou: BT China
Topic: Collaborative Approach to CSR development throughout the supply chain

Session 3 Notes

Dittmar Nerger: Bayer
Topic: Competitive, Sustainable, & Responsible Bayer Overview with CSR

Zhang Qi: Nestle
Topic: Creating Shared Value – Nestle Concept of CSR

Quang Tran: DSM Asia Pac
Topic: DSM Sustainability Successes

Session 4 Notes

EATON: Stuart Harrison – Karen Lynn – Team Effort
Topic: How EATON Raises the Bar for CSR

Robert Barrett: PWC
Topic:EH&S Due diligence

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