Chengdu Investment News: February 1, 2008

Friday, February 1, 2008 7:57
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Hilton Hotel is coming
The world’s top-level five-star business hotel – Hilton Hotel was formally settled in Chengdu Hilton International Square. It is reported that it will be the sixth Hilton Hotel in China. The Hilton International Square project whose construction will be started in August, has a total investment of 2 billion yuan and is planned and designed by ATKINS Co., chef designer of a seven-star sail-shaped hotel in Dubai, and is estimated to be finished in 2010 – 2012. At that time, Chengdu’s five-star hotels will rise to 12, ranking first in number in West China.

The Public Services in Chengdu Catches up with that in Beijing and Shanghai

On January 8, the Third China International Symposium on Evaluation of Public Services was held in Chengdu. At the meeting, according to the “2007 Public Evaluation Index to China’s Public Services” released by the authority investigation agency Lingdian Advisory Group, statistics from more than 3,000 copies of questionnaire show that among seven big cities Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Xi’an, the Public Security Indicators of Chengdu listed only next to Shanghai but before Beijing.
It is learned that the public services indexes include nine different fields closely related to the people’s livelihood such as public security, public transportation, public use, medical treatment and sanitation, social security, basic education, employment services, environmental sanitation and control, and agriculture services.

Chengdu’s software industry predicted to generate more than 30 billion yuan
It was learned from the “2007 annual meeting for Chengdu Software Industry Statistics” held recently, the city’s software industry has realized accumulated revenue of 26.082 billion yuan from January to November last year, up 46.52% year-on-year; of which 109 million US dollars for exports. More specifically, 9.298 billion yuan was from software products, 2.381 billion yuan from system integration and 8.638 billion yuan from software services, taking respectively 35.65%, 9.13% and 33.12% of the total income. The whole year industry revenue is predicted to surpass 30 billion yuan.

To invest 7.38 billion yuan, Sichuan strives to father 80,000-mou desert within three years
Sichuan endeavors to use 3 years with investment of 7.38 billion yuan to father 80,000-mou desert, fully launching the sand precaution and control in the northwest of Sichuan. The Northwestern Sichuan Sand Precaution and Control Project Planning of Sichuan Province has passed the examination and been decided to be submitted to the State Council, in an effort to include the project into the key governing projects of the nation, learned the journalist on January 12 from Sichuan Forestry Department.

It is reported that Sichuan’s northwest part situated at the southeast edge of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the headstream of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and Yellow River, has a very important ecological position

Macao Trade Promotion Bureau to set up liaison office in Chengdu
On January 15 in Chegndu, Huang Xiaoxiang, vice Governor of Sichuan province welcomed a delegation from Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (MTIPI) led by President Li Bingkang. Li Bingkang indicated that MTIPI was preparing to set up a liaison office in Chengdu, which is expected to be inaugurated during this year’s Western China International Economy & Trade Fair. The office will promote the cooperation between Sichuan and Macao, and commit itself in particular to facilitating Sichuan companies, via Macao as a springboard, to establish trading relationship with Portuguese-speaking countries.

Israel’s vice premier came to Sichuan, expecting soaring growth in future trade
On January 16, Israeli Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor Eli Yishai leading a large business delegation visited Sichuan, looking for commercial cooperation with Sichuan in the fields of high-tech, modern agriculture, environmental protection and high-efficient energy utilization. It is reported that it is Yishai’s first visit to China, first stop Beijing, then Chengdu and Shenzhen. He hoped the setting up of an office in Sichuan within the first quarter of the year, and also felt confident with the development prospect of the bilateral commerce, “trading volume between Israel and Sichuan will increase by three times”.

China’s biggest industrial park for dress accessories to be built in Dayi county
The signing ceremony of the project of “Xunxing West China Dress Accessories Industrial Park” which is invested by Fujian Xunxing Group was held on January 4 in Dayi county, Chengdu. It is reported that the park occupies an area of 600mou and has a total investment of 800 million yuan, whose construction period is 3 years. After its completion, it will became China’s largest dress accessories industrial park, able to recruit a workforce of more than 5000 persons and realize sales of 2 billion yuan, and will also drive the development of related industries such as costume, suitcase and bag, and shoe-making in West China, forming a complete industrial chain.

Szechwan seasoning technical research center set up in Pixian county
It was learned on January 6 from Chengdu Bureau of Technology that Sichuan’s Research Center for Szechwan Food Seasoning Engineering has been set up in Pixian county, Chengdu. It is reported that the center relying mainly on leading companies of broad-bean source in Pixian will push the engineering progression of characteristic seasoning techniques of Sichuan food in Chengdu.

Chengdu, harmonious famous city in public mind
During the first forum on China harmonious city held on January 17 in Beijing, the appraisal results of “Harmonious City in Public Mind”, the summit of the forum, were released formally: Chengdu stood out among 173 cities throughout the country and was appraised as one of “Ten Harmonious Cities of Fame”. This is another laurel the city has won since last year been successively appraised as one of “Ten Destinations for Self Drive Tour in China” and “Ten Best Destinations for Conference in China” and the “City with Highest Sense of Happiness”.

Chengdu, a next “cradle” of Broadway in Asia
Just as the musical drama “Cat” is going to be staged in Chengdu in February, another classic Broadway play “The Sound of Music” is also to show in the city. On January 20, a grand press reception for the China Tour of American Broadway Music Drama “The Sound of Music” – Chengdu Stop was held in Chengdu, where Michael Say, manager of Broadway Asia Entertainment (BAE) introduced to journalists that the drama will run 8 days in Chengdu, unveiling the curtain for its Chinese Tour, and also wished, from this starting point, to promote vigorously the musical drama industry in Chengdu and build in collaboration the city into a major stop for Broadway’s road shows, but also one of its “cradles”.

Exceeding 300 billion yuan, Chengdu’s last year GDP ranked first among deputy-provincial cities in central and western China
On January 21, Chengdu municipal government held the press conference and reported the city’s 2007 economic development: data audited by Sichuan Statistics Bureau, last year, Chengdu has achieved regional GDP of 332.44 billion yuan, up 15.3 % over the previous year, making a largest increase since 1994, and also ranked itself first among deputy-provincial cities in central and west China.

In 2007, the city has realized general budgeted fiscal revenue of 28.66 billion yuan, up 38.4%; total society investment in fixed assets amounted to 239.47 billion yuan, up 26.1%;
The imports and exports in last year reached 9.52 billion US dollars, up 36.9%, of which exports accounted for 5.71 billion US dollars, up 37.9%. The newly-approved foreign-invested companies amounted to 365, with contractual foreign investment of 3.42 billion US dollars, up 67%, and actual utilized foreign capital of 1.14 billion dollars, up 50%.

Fully funded domestic investment from outside the city was 119.67 billion yuan, up 64%.
In 2007, the premier, secondary and tertiary industries developed harmoniously in Chengdu: modern agriculture, industry and services sector have realized added value of 23.55 billion yuan, 117.34 billion yuan, 158.49 billion yuan respectively, growing by 5.5%, 22.3% and 13.6% correspondingly.

Last year, the average disposable income for urban citizens is 14,849 yuan, up 16.1%; rural per capita net income reached 5,642 yuan, up 15%, a biggest augment since 1998. The city’s total retail volume of social consumer goods attained to 135.72 billion yuan, up 17.5%.

Sichuan: high-level “returned overseas students” who came to Sichuan to start their business could go the “Green Passage”
Recently 21 departments including the Organization Department and United Front of Sichuan CPC Committee released jointly the Execution Suggestion on the Construction of Green Passage for High-level Overseas Chinese Talents to Work in Sichuan, which specifies that the high-level “returned overseas students” are to be given preferences and supports in areas like employment, scientific research, business creation, intellectual property and residence, learned the journalist on January 21 from Sichuan Personnel Department

Establishment of cellphone production lines in Chengdu will drive the development of mould industry
A few days ago, the first Chengdu-made MOBA cellphone was officially off the production line, filling the blank of mobile phone manufacturing in the city. The MOBA Mobile Telecommunications Industrial Park invested by the cellphone producer “Sichuan MOBA” is also under construction, which has a total investment about 200 million yuan and planned annual output reaching 3 million units. The industrial park will be completed and put into production in June, which will promote the development of a large amount of related accessories such as mould, injection, optical lens, lithium battery and package.

Output of “Sichuan-made” generating equipment ranking first globally for four consecutive years
Dongfang Electric Corporation has accomplished the manufacturing of generating sets of more than 33 million kilowatt for the last whole year, having ranked first in output in the world for four consecutive years. The technology and scale of “Sichuan-made” generation equipment have already been among the advanced level internationally

CCTV to live broadcast the big temple fair for the second time on the second day of the lunar New Year
Last year CCTV’s 2007 special program for Spring Festival “Celebrate the New Year” live broadcast Chengdu’s temple fair, which made audience around the world sense the strong fragrance of Chinese New Year in Chengdu. This year CCTV will again focus its camera on Chengdu temple fair on the second day of the lunar New Year, to exhibit elaborately-made Sichuan-flavor food and the folk customs of celebrating the New Year by Chengdu people.

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