World Bank China Quarterly Update: Submit Your Questions

Saturday, February 16, 2008 22:30
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Sometimes, things get a bit lost in my inbox, so I apologize for not getting this up last week.

Got an email from the folks at WB letting me know that their recent Quarterly update was online, and that they would be having a live webcast on Tuesday with the China Director and Senior Economists who wrote the report… and they are taking questions.

To read the report, you can go here for the WB overview or right click here to download the entire PDF report.

As I have yet to read the report, I cannot offer anything on it, but Brad Setlzer from RGE has a very good post on it that I suggest you read.

After reading the report, you want to submit a question, then go here…. perhaps someone will ask about the potential of energy shortages on a long term basis and their effects on the economy??

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