Tianjin Economic Development Zone News: Issue 73

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 13:08
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Over the last 3 years, Tianjin has seen a lot of change. While historically a very industrial city (core advantage being the port), Tianjin has really been able to leverage the FDI brought through TEDA to develop the city.

Like Suzhou, we are seeing that Tianjin’s mix of investment is changing and that as TEDA looks to move up the value chain, there are other areas in the New Binhai area that are willing to take on the overflow investment.

and as the first two pieces indicate, their strategy is working. To learn more about Tianjin, see their profile here and take a few minutes to learn about the new direction of the Binhai area as well

In December, TEDA has newly approved the establishment of five foreign funded enterprises and the investment increase of 12 companies. The total investment and contracted overseas investment respectively reached US$ 539 million and 202 million.
For the year 2007, accumulatively TEDA has witnessed the establishment of 186 foreign funded enterprises and the investment increase of 255 enterprises. Accumulatively the total investment amounted to US$ 6.164 billion, contracted overseas investment US$ 3.9 billion, and capital in place US$ 1.930 billion. The contracted overseas investment and capital in place are respectively 20.00% and 20.62% up from the previous year. With a total contracted investment of US$ 95.021 million, eight new enterprises are funded by the Fortune 500 companies. Besides, due to TEDA’s super investment environment, some key enterprises have accelerated their pace of development by increasing their capital. In 2007, 26 of the top 500 companies including Foxconn, Kumho Tires, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, and PPG Coatings, have expanded their production and the investment has accumulatively increased by US$ 183 million. (Tr. by Dong Jing)


From this year TEDA will speed up the construction of its CBD and finish it by the end of 2010.

It is learnt that with a land area of 250,000 m2 and a total construction area of one million m2, the CBD is located in the south of TEDA and the center of a urban scenery area of TEDA. Its overall plan was designed by the Germany-based SBA. To its north there are such facilities as the TEDA Investment Service Center, the TEDA College, the TEDA Library, open space like the Binhai Square, and a plant belt which stretches from east to west. To its south Citizen Plaza, a commercial center, is under construction, with residential buildings on both sides and a future light rail outside.

The key part of the CBD lies in a 160,000 m2 land, with the West Xincheng Road in the west, the East Xincheng Road in the east, the Fada Street in the north, and the 1st Avenue in the south. It will contain highrises, top office buildings, star hotels, large department stores, and many other commercial facilities. Besides, a group of cultural facilities will also be built there, such as a grand theatre with a 1,500-seat theatre and a 800-seat concert hall, a museum showcasing precious works of art, and a teenage science museum exhibiting up-to-date scientific achievements.

At the beginning of this month, the 600,000-m2 Judicial Service Center was put into use. The Public Security Bureau, People’s Court, Procuratorate and other related departments of TEDA began to provide one-stop judicial services.

On Dec. 6 of last year, the Comprehensive Building for Modern Service Industry has began its construction in the CBD, with 130 meter-high towers and a total construction area of 154,000 km2.

In last Oct., the international bidding for the grand theatre in TEDA’s CBD has completed and designing improvement is under way. Besides, TEDA Museum, Media Mansion, and other projects will start their initial designing. Soon the underground transportation and energy systems of the CBD will commence their construction. (Tr. by Chen Yu)

THE FIRST PHASE OF THE JINYAO BIOPARK COMMENCED PRODUCTION IN TEDA’S WEST ZONEThe Jinyao Biopark is one of the first 20 key industrial projects. Recently its phase I project finished construction and commenced production while its phase II project begun.

With a total investment of 2.1 billion yuan, the Jinyao Biopark is located in TEDA’s West Zone. It will be developed by three phases and finished by the end of 2010. In the first phase, power facilities for public utilities and seven production workshops, a raw material warehouse and a finished product warehouse were built up, which have a annual production capacity of 1,000 ton of threonine, intermediates “3028” and “3029”, etc. In the 2nd phase, which will be finished by the end of 2010, the Biopark will relocate Tianjin Tianyao Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., relocate and expand Tianjin Pharmaceuticals Research Institute Co., Ltd., relocate the raw material plant of Tianjin Tianan Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., and finish public utilities, a lysosome recovery plant, etc. In the 3rd phase, the Biopark will make joint investment and cooperate with multinationals and wrap up major projects at the end of 2010. After its completion, the Biopark will become a R&D and manufacturing base of corticoid drug and amino acid, with the largest production capacity of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for corticoid drug, and a production base of API for amino acid in China, with the most varieties and largest production capacity.(Tr. by Chen Yu)


By the end of 2007, 60 enterprises have settled down in TEDA’s West Zone, making the Zone an important part of the modern manufacturing and R&D application base in the TNCD, and an important platform of TEDA for investment absorption. The development of the West Zone has drawn attention from all circles. In 2007, the West Zone received over 600 guests in 50 more visits.

By the end of 2007, four and half years later since the foundation of the Zone, TEDA had accumulatively invested 6.65 billion yuan in the Zone and made land leveling and other nine kinds of infrastructure-related services and supply available on a developed land of 12 km2. In accordance with its principle of starting the development in the central north and continuing the development in the central south, the Zone continuously improved its infrastructure. By the end of 2007, the Zone launched 26 new projects, completed 22 projects, and absorbed 330 million yuan of investment in the year.

So far in the Zone, 29 enterprises have started production and 22 are under construction. The contracted overseas investment totaled 2.1 billion dollars. As to the key enterprises, Vestas has commenced production in four of its projects, including its cabin and motor production facilities, with the investment of the four projects reaching nearly 70 million dollars; Kennametal added its investment by 16.05 million dollars to nearly 80 million dollars; the second stage of Kumho Tires is continuing its construction; the first stage of Jinyao Bioengineering Industrial Park completed construction and started trial production; the wheel and alloy projects of Lizhong will wrapped up its main body soon and finish construction at the beginning of 2008. (Tr. by Chen Yu)


Recently Tianjin Zhonghuan Electronics And Information (Group) Co., Ltd. was officially relocated in the Microelectronics Industrial Park of TEDA.

Now Zhonghuan Electronics wholly or partially owns 21 companies in the Park, including 12 domestic ones and nine with foreign investment. With their total investment up to 680 million dollars, these companies contributes 90% of the industrial output value and 91% of the export volume of the Park. The relocation of Zhonghuan Electronics will better its services for its companies in the Park, strengthen its friendly cooperative realtionship with the Park, highlight its advantage in developing industrial clusters and international influence, and propel the IT and economic development of TEDA.

As a large state-owned enterprise of Tianjin enpowered by Tianjin Municipal Government, Zhonghuan Electronics was established on Apr. 15, 1998. It possesses 154 state-owned companies, with a toal capital of 13.886 billion yuan and over 60 companies with foreign investment, with a toal contracted foreign investment of over 1.6 billion dollars. In 2006, Zhonghuan Electronics earned 75.7 billion yuan and over 90 bilion yuan respectively from its main business sectors in 2006 and 2007. So far Zhonghuan Electronics has developed such two main business sectors as product manufacturing and system intergration. And its main groups of products are as follows: (1) the information ones such as PCs, displays, and network products; (2) the communication ones respresented by GSM cell phones, optoelectronic transceivers, fax machines, miliary or civil moible communiation equipment, and nagivation equiopment; (3) the audio and video ones like LCD TVs, electronic keyboards, cameras, and video cameras; (4) the electronic components such as chip components, semiconductor and related materials, wires and cables, and speakers, (5) instruments, especially smart ones; (6) basic electronic accessores and those produced through precision plastic injection. (Tr. By Chen Yu)

Microelectronics Industrial Park attained an industrial output value of 78 billion Yuan in 2007

Following the path of super intensive development, in 2007, the Microelectronics Industrial Park of TEDA did its best to serve enterprises and created a first-class environment for investment, production and operations. Thanks to the efforts of enterprises for faster growth, the Park saw an increase of over 40% on its major economic indicators, the best performance since its foundation. In 2007, its industrial output value totaled 78 billion yuan, with a year-on-year rise of 44%, and its export volume reached 7.04 billion dollars, which grew up by 70% over the same period of last year and made up 37% of the total of TEDA.

In 2007, the Park displayed the following three features in its economic development:

First, the companies of Samsung remained as the growth engine of the Park. To meet market demands, in 2007, the companies of Samsung in the Park witnessed big increases in the outputs of their main products and continuous growth in their market shares, contributing more to the Park. Listed as one of the 20 key industrial projects of Tianjin, the project of Samsung Telecom Technology for investment increase and production expansion enhanced the growth momentum of the Park. Six companies of Samsung accumulatively contributed an industrial output value of 69.1 billion yuan.

Second, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) quickly added their investment for production expansion. Influenced by the production expansion of some leading enterprises like Samsung Telecom Technology and Samsung Optoelectronics, SMEs in the Park displayed a momentum of rapid growth in 2007. Altogether nine enterprises added 11 new investments, which amounted to nearly 70 million dollars. Among the nine enterprises, two had their production capacities more than doubled, three set up new facilities or enlarged the areas for production. In terms of their industrial output values in the year, two had their figures exceed ten billion yuan, six over one billion yuan, and 14 over 100 million yuan.

Third, adhering to the scientific outlook on development, the Park experienced healthy and rapid development. In 2007, 10,000 yuan GDP cost 0.35-ton water and 40-kwh electricity in the Park, which decreased by 30% and 20% respectivley over the same period of last year. The Park retained its leading position in energy conservation and consumption deduction across the country. Besides, the industrial structure of the Park was further improved. On top of the existing three industrial chains related to cell phones, electronic display products, and digital cameras, the arrival of the Hyundai LCD project of South Korea will propell the development of LCDs in the Park. (Tr. by Chen Yu)


An important sub-project of the TEDA Promenades, the TEDA Sports Park will be finished at the end of this year and put into use at the start of next year. By then, the Park will not only provide opportunities to people who live, study or work in TEDA, including expatriates, to enjoy sports and other leisure activities and entertainments but host domestic and international sports events and trainings. Among all its facilities, the tennis gym will be first open in this June.

Located in the southwest corner of the TEDA Promenades and the intersection of the Beihai Road and the TEDA Avenue, the Park is adjacent to the TEDA Soccer Stadium and the Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center, a five-star hotel, and the aquatic thematic scenery. With a total land area of 98,700 m2 and a total construction area of 103,635 m2, the Park contains such sports-related facilities as a multi-function gym and gyms for table tennis and badminton, swimming, and tennis, an outdoor soccer training field, and an extreme sports square, such supportive facilities as a business hotel, a drive-in KFC, a pedestrian commercial street, a service building, a parking lot, and a sports store. Besides, people may also undergo physiotherapy, seek advice on nutritious diets and visit a sports museum and a science exhibition hall in the Park.

The layout of the four gyms in the Park is shaped like a fan. Their construction was begun in May of 2007 and will be finished at the end of 2008. Among them, the three-floor tennis gym will be open in this June, and other gyms will begin operation at the beginning of 2009. Now the main part of the tennis gym has initially taken shape, while others are still under construction.

After its completion, the Park will boast a group of the best facilitated gyms and meet the demands of national teams for trainings, public body building, entertainments, large domestic and international matches, and high-level business or political meetings. The Park will introduce a membership system, develop a brand club and provide services related to nutritious diet, health, mind practice, etc. Moreover, it may accommodate students of No.2 Middle School and No.2 Primary School of TEDA during their classes, and offer body-building services to local residents. In addition to its current title of National Teenage Table Tennis Training Base, the Park will apply for the titles of National Roller Skating Training Base and National Rock Climbing Training Base. Moreover, it will attract national and local professional teams to attend trainings and recovery practice in TEDA and set up its brand in sports events. (Tr. by Chen Yu)

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