Chengdu Investment News: March 16, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008 18:31
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1. 600-million-yuan amorphous silicon project settled in Chongzhou
The amorphous silicon solar hull cell project worth 600 million yuan will be put into construction this July at Chongzhou Industrial Development Zone, the reporter learned on February 26. Its main investor is Sichuan Guangliang Investment Co. LTD subordinate to Sichuan Kaimai Group. It is introduced that the company will complete the building of the first production line within a year and of all the construction items within 30 months. The annual capacity of amorphous silicon solar hull cell will reach 300 megawatt by then, biggest in China, with 45 million yuan taxes to be paid annually.

2. Chengdu Qingyang district was selected as national demonstration zone of education
It was learned on February 26 from the Ministry of Education, the state has designated 114 national pilot zones of community education in 4 patches since 2001. Recently, 34 of them were recognized as national demonstration zones of community education including Beijing Xicheng district, Haidian district and Chengdu Qingyang district.

3. In Afro-Asian cities’ environment quality ranking, Chengdu topped mainland China
According to the report of the Financial Times of UK, Melbourne from Australia was listed the first in a ranking for the environment quality in Afro-Asian cities which had been released on February 28. China had 5 cities included in the list, of which Hong Kong standing the highest, followed by Chengdu, topping mainland China. It is learned that the report was conducted by Wanshida Group based on scientific data, targeting 21 major cities in Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

4. Turning bamboo into “Steel”, Chengdu’s technology of high-strength bamboo-type material passed appraisal
On March 2, the technology of high-strength bamboo-type materials developed by Sichuan Lingheyi Bamboo Business Co. Ltd using 8 years with input of nearly ten million yuan, passed the appraisal of experts which were organized by Sichuan Forestry Department on behalf of the State Forestry Administration. According to the expert appraisal, the innovative technology has reached the world leading level.

It is learned that the Ci Bamboo commonly seen in villages of Sichuan, has good tenacity and well-built fiber framework, whose endwise tensile strength is 5 to 6 times than that of the medium carbon steel; after machining, will become high-strength bamboo-quality molding material, with properties of high density, strong rigidity, good wear-resistance, waterproof, moistureproof as well as mothproof, weighing much lesser than steel but whose solidity is several times higher than the cement, therefore called “vegetable steel”. The material could be widely used into fields like medium or high-end indoor-outdoor furniture, construction and decoration, and craftwork.

Sichuan so far has bamboo resources of over 11 million mu, predicted to reach 16 million by 2010. According to the expert estimation, using the Sichuan Ci Bamboo to make the high-strength bamboo-quality material could bring out an industry of 20 billion yuan a year, with tax revenue of 5 to 6 billion annually.

5. Chengdu’s textile and habiliment exports ranked first in West China
Last year, Sichuan’s textile and habiliment industries as a whole maintained a relatively fast development in despite of the influence of a number of disadvantageous factors such as the price-rising of raw materials, and their sales revenue attained 40 billion yuan, of which, Chengdu’s exports of textile and habiliment reached 1,327 million yuan, ranking first among cities in West China, learned the journalist on March 2 from Sichuan Provincial Economic Commission.

6. No-paper declaration, to be widely applied at Export Processing Zone within the year
The no-paper declaration is expected to be applied widely within the year at Chengdu Export Processing Zone. In practice, the export company only needs to fill in the customs declaration form on-line, and the customs e-system will examine and verify those digital data; later on the company can print through the e-port platform the Notice of Customs Check and Release Permit returned by the customs authorities, and then ask for checking pass at the port with real products. It is reported that according to the early trials, the “direct” mode of declaration, made Intel (Chengdu) company’s finished products pass through the customs with merely 5 minutes after completing the on-line declaration, saving 83% of time.

7. With tens thousand merchants westward, business opportunities sparkling in Western China International Fair
On March 2, the journalist learned from the mobilization meeting on preparations for the 9th Western China International Fair, the fair will be held at the end of May in Chengdu with planned exposition area of 100,000 square meters, biggest in its history, and will attract 10,000 foreign merchants and more than 30,000 of their Chinese peers from outside Sichuan. So far, trade organizations from over 30 countries and regions including the US, Germany, France, the UK, Japan and Korea have confirmed to arrange delegations to participate, of which at least 10 countries noted the delegation would be led by minister-level official.

Focusing on both international and regional features, the 9th Western China Fair will set up the International Hall and Investment Cooperation Hall, in which, 6 themed exhibition areas will be built with extra efforts, dedicated respectively to Chinese Brand Products, Industry, Energy, Environment Protect & Transportation, Feature Agriculture, Tourism & Culture, High & New Technology, and Fashion Life Exchange.

8. Over 160 charter flights! 30,000 Korean tourists to visit Chengdu this year
This year, a close to 30,000 Korean tourists will fly to Chengdu on more than 160 chartered planes and pay a visit to the city. On March 3, Chengdu Culture and Tourism Group and South Korea’s biggest travel agent Hana Tour reached a formal agreement to collaboratively push the inbound tourism in Chengdu. It is predicted that the number of Koreans taking Chengdu as their tourism destination will reach 70,000, to be doubled over last year.

9. Joining hands with private company DAKA Electric, GE came into Sichuan to build its base
On March 5, GE (American General Electric Company), a Fortune Global 500 company, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a Chengdu-based private company DAKA Electric Co.Ltd, announcing that its subsidiary GE Consummation and Industrial Products Group will place its southwest production base in Chengdu, the first of its kind set up by GE in Southwest China, after the ones in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Two advanced GE technologies are accorded to DAKA for the cooperation, and the targeted market remains in the southwest region. The base endeavors to realize production value of 300 million yuan and tax revenue of over 10 million yuan within three years’ time.

10. Covering southwest region, distribution center of Yum! completed in Chengdu
After the gradual opening-up of distribution centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou since 2004, the Yum! Chengdu Distribution Center, the seventh of its kind catering to Yum! China’s proper needs and being built to the world-class, was officially inaugurated in Chengdu on March 6. It is reported that the center is an important base being part of the world-class logistics system Yum! is currently forming in China, covering the southwest region including Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, etc. Equipped with customer services and storage departments, the center will function coordinately with numerous other distribution centers throughout the country.

11. Activities of French Month kick off
As introduced by the Culture Division of Consulate-General of France in Chengdu, the activities of French Month of this year begins from March 8th to the end of this month, with diverse cultural events such as concerts, lectures, education exhibition, cinema, drama competition and shows prepared to meet with local citizens.

12. World Supermodel finals to be held in Sichuan in April
Chengdu will welcome soon its first international top-grade model contest. It was learned on March 9 that the finals of the 18th Super Model of The World Cosmos Pageant will be held from April 3 to 8 in Chengdu, Deyang, Mianzhu and Duyangyang, with candidates from over 40 countries and regions, who are all the champions of the contests in their respective countries and regions.

13. West China’s biggest table poultry farm completed in Pujiang
On March 11, invested with 10 million yuan in total, the West China’s biggest and modernized one-million-capacity table poultry farm was formally put into use with the cutting of the ribbon at the opening ceremony. The project was the county’s first time to cooperate with a Fortune Global 500 company, that is, CHIA TAI Group.

14.2008 Spring China National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair to be held in Chengdu on 21th
The 78th China National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair will be held in Chengdu on March 21. It is estimated that the fair will welcome over 20,000 company exhibitors and the number of visitors surpass 160,000.

It is reported that the fair is called the “First Pageant under the Sun” for its important size. Chengdu is the city which has held most the event, and this year, it is its nineteenth time to have won the organization right.

15. “With “Jing-Rong Air Express”, one flight per hour flying from Chengdu to Beijing
Starting from March 30, China Airlines will launch the “Jing-Rong Air Express” between Beijing and Chengdu: every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. one flight at every point of hour will be arranged to fly from Chengdu to Beijing, all with large and medium-sized airliners to execute the voyage, and the number of seats to reach 3,000.

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