Must See Movie: A Decent Factory

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 6:59
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Typically, I do not cross post between Allroads and Crossroads, but this time it warrants.

Tomorrow night, Crossroads and Supply Chain Council are coming together to show the movie A Decent Factory, and typically before I show a movie I like to view it first.

Sometime I do so because the content can be sensitive and I do not want to get n trouble, but usually it is because I want to make sure I am prepared to stoke some conversation and I need to absorb the movie ahead of time to be able to gather my thoughts.

Well, in brief, this is one of the best behind the scenes documentaries I have seen and I encourage everyone who is in manufacturing to watch it.

The premise is simple. Nokia is taking CSR more seriously and one of its key areas of concern are the conditions of its factories. Management has a couple of meetings, a consultant is flown in, and then we spend the next 1.5 hours following the team through a single audit.

I have been through a number of factories in my time, and I have seen a lot of things, but what makes this film so interesting is that the camera follows the team and shows their process, it captures everything from the emotion of the GM to the nervous smiles of the workers, and most importantly.. it shows the conditions of the factory.

when first arranging the video, we invited Nokia to join us during the show, and we were turned down. To be honest, it is not surprising, but I am not sure why they chose not to step up. Sure, this film shows that they have problems, but more than that.. it shows that they have not only identified the problems, but that that committing themselves to working with the problems. It is a film that they really should be proud of, and like the nike report last week on their own problems, it shows that real steps are being made.

So, if you are not signed up for the movie, please do so now by emailing [email protected] (if you are a Supply Chain Council member go here). If seats are full (only 5 left), we most likely will have a second showing as the movie warrants it.

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