Weekly Roundup: 3.5 Kinds of Factories, Energy Commissions & Solar’s Future, and Consumer Education

Monday, March 31, 2008 11:33
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With so much going on in China, and only a limited amount of bandwidth, I have created this weekly post to highlight articles that I feel are (1) important, (2) relevant, and (3) interesting.

This week there are 4 articles that I have chosen to highlight as each are quite interesting, they are all relevant, and there are issues within each that I think you the reader should be aware of.

If you have an article that you feel needs to be mentioned, please do so in the comments section. We all have different areas of interest and bandwidth, so I hope you will take some time and post those articles!

Three and a Half Kinds of Factories
An interesting piece for those looking to get a Cliffnote version of China’s different types of factory ownership and management. It goes without saying motivations are the result of models, and that when working with the different models discussed, it is important to understand the different motivations/ pressures that managers/ owners face. I have worked with all 3.5 types, and all I can say is that I have had good relationships with all three.. and challenging relationships with all 3.5

China’s New National Energy Commission and Energy Policy & The Rise of China’s Solar Industry: How Bright Is its Future?

two pieces that I think are important for anyone in the “clean tech” space, or are looking to understand more about the policies behind renewable energy… and some of the barriers. As someone who has been looking at solar for a while, the second article was an interest suport piece of several issues I have been hearing about (2009 PV production), and given my personal interest gap in reading regulations… the first piece gave me a good overview of some things I needed to know.

Shoppers unsure on about bags ban policy
A bit of good news/ bad news here. The good news is that Chinese chain stores are rolling out their reusable bag programs early. The bad news is that consumer awareness or empathy are not really where they need to be. with June 1 coming up, I must admit that I am very surprised that not a signle MNC.. orNGO … have done a HUGE public campaign on Nanjing Road. Something in front of Plaza 66, a big red banner with “plastic sucks”, and a few thousand reusable bags. throw in a dancing panda if you like, but the opportunity exists for a huge education campaign that highlights the reasons why this program is good for them and mother earth.

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