Chengdu Investment News: April 1

Tuesday, April 1, 2008 7:05
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1. Nippon Paint Chengdu Production Base formally opened and put into production
On March 28, Nippon Paint (Chengdu) Co. Ltd and its production base subordinate to Nippon Group, a world-famous paint company, was officially opened and put into production at the Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is reported that the Chengdu base invested by Singaporean Lishi Personal Co. Ltd and a Japanese paint company with 23 million US dollars has become the first branch factory of Nippon Paint in Southwest China.

2. AMD set up Chengdu branch, westward expansion of market layout in China
The kickoff of the Sixth Chengdu International Computer Festival and the opening ceremony of AMD Chengdu Branch were held on March 29 in Chengdu, during which AMD formally announced the establishment of Chengdu filiale and also its putting into services, which is another measure of AMD Corporation after has settled its Great China headquarters in Beijing, invested in the CPU package test plant in Shuzhou and set up a R&D center in Shanghai, signifying the gradual perfection of its market layout in China.

3. Chengdu joining hands with “Optical Valley”, 550 million yuan to make “Pioneer Street” for technology companies

Two first “national-level” incubators of technology companies “wed” on March 16 at the Chengdu Cross-Straits Technological Industry Park, joining hands to build the first interregional cooperative incubator alliance of technology companies in Chengdu – the Chengdu Dong Chuang SBI Pioneer Street project.

It is introduced that “Chengdu High-tech Education Technology Industry Park”, the first private national-level incubation center in China, together with “Huhan East Lake High-tech Innovation Center”, the country’s first incubator of technology companies, will invest 550 million yuan, centering on Chengdu and Wuhan, in building the industrial clusters of optical mechanoelectronics and clean energy.

4. End of this month, visas for France to be handled in Chengdu
According to the Foreign Affaires Office of Sichuan Province, on March 12, the Consulate-general of France in Chengdu addressed a note to the Office that the French consulate would start handling the visa services of various kinds on March 31. Up to then, citizens of Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Chongqing under its consular jurisdiction can apply for visa for France in Chengdu. France is the second European country after Germany that has opened the visa services in Chengdu.

5. Promoting investment and attracting cows, to build biggest milk supply base in southwest China
Recently, Qionglai city has innovated the mode of breeding cows – the “Cow real estate” officially put forward to promote investment and attract cows, which marks the beginning of acceleration of Qionglai in building the 50,000-heads milk supply base. The so-called “Cow real estate” is in fact the cow farms measured in 100 heads per unit which are invested by government and constructed with relevant complete facilities for interested operators to run on the lease basis.

6. Sichuan Vegetable first exported to European market last year
It was learnt recently from Sichuan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that, Sichuan region last year has passed the quarantine inspection of citrus fruits of origin for export to Russia, and the fresh vegetables successfully entered European market for the first time. The export volume of agricultural products such as edible mushrooms, fruits and fresh vegetables grew notably, up 69.8%, 112.23% and 117.25% year-on-year respectively.

7. Asia’s biggest container central station to start construction in April
As is introduced by Qingbaijiang Transportation Bureau, the Chengdu Railway Container Central Station, whose initial design draft has been approved recently by the Ministry of Railway, will be constructed in April.

It is reported that the station is one of the 18 central stations programmed by the Ministry of Railway in China. After its full operation, over 33 pairs of direct trains of containers will depart from Chengdu to cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, with throughout of 2.5 million standard boxes annually, which to form an annual transport capacity of 40 million tons, ranking first in Asia by then.

8. Heng An Standard Life came into Chengdu

Chengdu’s foreign-invested financial institutions have a new member added: on March 18, Heng An Standard Life Co. Ltd opened in Chengdu its seventh branch in China, which is its first in the southwest region. So far, the number of solely-foreign (Sino-foreign)-invested insurance companies reached 6, further pushing the construction of the financial center in West China.

9.  With total investment of 830 million yuan, project of international automobile city to be settled in Shuangliu, Chengdu
According to the notification of Chengdu municipal government, the project of international automobile city invested by Zhejiang Jinghengde Group was settled in Chengdu Shuangliu Modern Trade Concentration Development Zone. The project has a total investment of 830 million yuan and net land of 325.04 mou, whose construction cycle is 22 months, including an automobile museum, trading center of entire vehicles, business building, after-sale service center, spare parts market and purchasing center for automobile accessories.

10. IBM’s Global Business Services to be installed in Chengdu
After its fourth Chinese global software and services outsourcing execution center was set up in Chengdu early last year, IBM again will place one of its key operations – business services into Chengdu. On March 23, IBM announced at the “West China Excellent Enterprises CEO Forum” that the southwest working team of IBM’s Global Business Services was formally stationed in Chengdu.

11. Southwest China’s most advanced garbage power plant starts trial run next month
It was learned on March 24 that the highly attentioned Chengdu Luodai Urban Household Refuse Burning Plant, whose main body construction is currently winding up, is estimated to begin trial run at the end of next month, and put into commercial use around July. By then, 1,200 tons of domestic garbage from the city will be treated daily, 400,000 tons annually; 120 million kilowatt-hours of electricity can be generated per year, of which 90 million kilowatt-hours be circulated in the network for the use of 40,000 to 50,000 urban households. It is so far the biggest and most technically advanced garbage power plant in Chengdu even in the whole southwest region.

12. Chengdu-made realized in Medium and small sized LCD screens
on March 26, invested with 3.1 billion yuan, the construction of the TET-LCD4.5 production line of BOE Chengdu was formally started at the Chengdu High-tech Zone, and the project is expected to be finished and put into use in the mid of next year, which signifies that the current relying on imports of medium and small sized LCD screens for domestic markets be broken. The resulting industrial gathering effects will further accelerate the forming in Chengdu of the Southwest China’s photoelectric industrial base of world competitiveness.

13. Malawian President Mutharika arrived in Sichuan for visit
Upon invitation of China for a state visit, Bingu Wa Mutharika, President of Republic of Malawi arrived in Chengdu on March 26, beginning his three-day visit in Sichuan. His purpose for this visit is to inspect the actual development and cooperation prospects in Sichuan and Chengdu in the fields of tourism and trade, etc.

14. With 2.5 billion yuan, Asia’s biggest tulip park construction started
The construction of Asia’s biggest tulip theme park covering an area of 2,250 mu was initiated on March 26. It is reported that the park is invested by Poly Group with a total of 2.5 billion yuan, and will also be equipped with the first five-star hotel in the northern part of the city – Poly Crown Hotel.

15. Next month, three grand fairs to land in Chengdu one by one
Starting from April 15 to 24, three grand pageants will land in Chengdu one after the other, namely the “2008 Sixth Sichuan International Electric Power Industrial Fair”, “Sixth China International Software Meeting” and “2008 China International Leisure Industry Fair”.

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