Proof Positive – China’s Breaking News is Found on All Roads Lead to China First!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008 1:27
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Being a blogger, there are those times that when posting something (typically a rumor), I am taking a chance that I might be wrong…

I did it when I started reporting what my suppliers were telling me about VAT (Call Your Accountant QUICK! VAT is going DOWN).. I did it when my forwarder was telling me about what the impliations of VAT would be (Rollin.. Rollin.. Rollin.. Get those Containers Floatin!)
…and I did it recently when people started telling me that they were having trouble renewing their F visa (If You Hold an F Visa. PAY ATTENTION & If You Hold an F Visa. PAY ATTENTION)

In each event I beat the major rags, and even had some question my sources, so when another source comes out and confirms what I have written it feels good (thanks Shangahiist) …. and while I am taking a bit of a victory lap on this one, I really am just glad that on each occasion I was able to get the news you ahead of time as my readers ended up benefitting. For it is this reason that I began blogging to begin with. To provide actionable information to manager.
So tell your friends to add All Roads to their RSS reader… cause I have a few new things coming through the pipeline that I feel will be important to those looking to invest or expand in China.

If nothing else, reviewing some of the most recent What if, What else, and What are the Odds notes will provide some indicators of things to come on the horizon. there is a reason why I pick topics like…

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