Container Shortage Puts U.S. Export Boom in a Box

Thursday, April 10, 2008 9:20
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In what has to be yet another Darwin award for US Trade reps, it appears that now that the US finally has a bit of silver lining from the lows of the greenback, has hit another snag in taking advantage of this opportunity.

They are out of containers.

Container Shortage Puts U.S. Export Boom in a Box is an article from the journal (sorry.. I think you have to subscribe to see it) that shows just how backwards the US supply chain is.. literally:

“There are some places, particularly in the Midwest, where there’s a complete lack of containers,” says Philip Damas, the head of container research at Drewry Shipping Consultants in London.

And it’s not just boxes that are in short supply. Maersk Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of A.P. Moller-Maersk Group, the Danish container shipping company, notes a shortage of chassis, which are sets of wheels and frames on container-carrying trucks. Without enough chassis to deliver containers, it doesn’t matter how many are piled up in a port, says a company spokeswoman. Yet another problem: Many shipping lines, including Maersk, have shifted container capacity away from the U.S., just when U.S. producers need them most.

so, for those of you who though that all that was needed was for the Chinese to stop manipulating their currency before your orders would come back… apparently, another example of how bad planning has hit your bottom line.

So, like vietnam, it looks like you can count on the bandaid for the timebeing coming from the air cargo industry. Hint.. hint… buy air cargo stocks

That is, if they can actually get the birds in the air.

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