Chengdu Investment News: April 15

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 7:14
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1. Southwest China’s unique national grain exchange center settled in Chengdu
Recently, the State Grain Administration gave the official reply to approve Sichuan to organize Chengdu National Grain Exchange Center, which is the only state-level information platform for grain exchange in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing and Tibet, five provinces and municipality in southwest China.

2. Chengdu’s investment environment for commercial property rated best in China
It was learned on April 4 from Sichuan Commercial Chains Association, at the newly concluded “2008 China Commercial Property Industry Annual Meeting” were disclosed the city of best investment environment for commercial property and region of biggest investment potential of China in 2008, and Chengdu stood out among its peers and was recommended by the jury as the “2008 Best City of Investment Environment for Commercial Property in China”.

3.Eight provinces and cities including Sichuan signed agreements of 25 billion yuan to push east-west inter-provincial exchanges
The Inter-provincial Economic & Cooperative Exchange Conference co-sponsored by Beijing, Tianjing, Shanxi, Gansu, etc., eight eastern and western provinces and cities, was held in Xi’an on April 6. Over 800 government and company representatives of the above regions have participated in the event, and 40 economic cooperation projects between the East and West have been signed, amounting to over 25 billion yuan.

4. In 2008 Sichuan has 267,800 college graduates, with 48% post-graduates having signed contracts
It was learned on April 8 from Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, by the end of March, 116,400 graduates from the province’s high learning institutions have signed employment contracts, with a rate of 43.47%, up 2% year-on-year, of which, signed post-graduates count 8,159, being 48.08% of the total, undergraduates 45,600, 39.69%, and vocational school graduates 62,600, 46.10%.

It is reported that there are 267,800 students graduated from 83 higher education establishments in Sichuan this year, an increase of 30,000 over last year, growing by 13%.

5. Next UNIMA puppet art festival to be host by Chengdu
The 20th Representative Assembly and International Puppet Art Festival of the Union Internationale de la Marionnette (UNIMA), a UNESCO organization, were held on April 1 in Perth, Australia. 98 representatives from all over the world voted on April 5 for the next sponsorship of the 2012 UNIMA puppet art festival; Chengdu won the host right with 51 votes against Ekaterinburg of Russia with 45.

6. Ten billion yuan capital, to strongly push Longquanyi upward
The 22nd China Chengdu International Peach Blossom Festival’s three special signing ceremonies have concluded successfully: 98 signed projects with agreed investment of 28.9 billion yuan, covering the fields of automobile manufacturing, automobile trade, urban development and modern agricultural cultivation. With the signing and settling of a series of important projects of industrialization, functionality, infrastructure and ecological construction, Chengdu Economic & Technological Development Zone (Longquanyi district) gradually realized the transformation from a mass of primary factor of production to a superior one, from a processing-mode manufacturing base to a R&D-oriented kind.

7. Chengdu’s construction of “West China photoelectric valley” coming into shape
The Apollo Shuangliu solar cell and core material production project of total investment of 290 million yuan is estimated to be completed and put into operation formally next month, learned the journalist from the economic bureau of Shuangliu County on April 9. As one of key projects in the county’s development of photoelectric and photovoltaic industry, the project developed by Sichuan Apollo Solar Cell Technology Co. Ltd has already entered into the equipment installation stage. Centering on companies like Apollo, Shuangliu County will take the opportunity to develop vigorously the photoelectric and photovoltaic industry, and construct forcefully the “West China photoelectric valley”.

8. Hungary’s presidential envoy-led delegation came to Chengdu for cooperation
As an important activity in the second phase of “Hungarian Festival” in China kicked off last September, presidential envoy and deputy minister of economics and transportation of Hungary led a large trade delegation coming to Chengdu for a three-day visit in Sichuan. At the “Hungarian Festival in Sichuan – Sichuan-Hungary Trade Cooperation and Exchange” held on April 9, 35 Hungarian companies had face-to-face meetings with 65 Sichuan counterparts, hoping to develop cooperation in fields of logistics, automobile manufacturing, electric products assembly, biology, information and communication, renewable sources and tourism.

9. GE: within 3 to 5 years to make a purchase of 200 million US dollars in Sichuan
On April 9, Nani Beccalli-Falco, senior vice president of the global magnate General Electric, and Steve Bertamini, president and CEO of GE (China) Co. Ltd led a high-level delegation to Chengdu, where the company held its first “Sustainable Development Forum and Fair” in China jointly with Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce.

It is reported that the high management of GE this time has reached strategic agreements with a number of local companies such as Chonghong, Hisoft and Chengfa Technology, and also with University of Electronic Science & Technology of China and Sichuan Department of Commerce, bringing to Sichuan companies a huge order of “200 million US dollars within 3 to 5 years”.

10. Chengdu to construct China’s largest multimedia calling center
On April 11, the Multimedia Calling Center of China Mobile Sichuan Branch was formally constructed in Chengdu High-tech Zone. The project is estimated to have total investment of 278 million yuan, a building area of 40,000 square meters and customer services personnel of 6,000 to 8,000 persons, which is the largest modernized multimedia calling center among other projects currently under construction in China.

11. China wireless music base this year expanded to a store of million songs
The China Wireless Music Base settled two years ago in Chengdu High-tech Zone, will be enlarged this year, whose music platform of 300,000 songs in store is planned to be expanded to a scale of one million, building the country’s biggest copyright library of digital music, thus pushing Chengdu to become the wireless launching place of legitimate music.

It is learnt that the base has allied with top record companies such as Sony, Warner, Universal and EMI and introduced 128 content partners, providing ring tones originated from Chengdu to more than 200 countries around the globe. It is estimated that consumers of wireless music will reach 114 million in 2008, and annual revenue from value-added services including ring tones, IVR and WAP attain 17 billion US dollars.

12. CETDZ actively builds up automobile industry cluster
Recently, Chengdu Economical & Technological Development Zone (CETDZ)’s administration committee set up a new organization – Investment Services Bureau of Automobile Industry, which is another important measure CETDZ is taking to push the automobile industry, one of Chengdu’s ten industrial clusters and to reinforce its capability to receive the displaced industries.

So far, the CEDTZ has brought in successfully the entire vehicle projects of FAW Volkswagen, FAW TOYOTA and FAW Special Vehicle, a series of automobile auxiliary projects such as Yunnei Power, as well as a number of important complete appliance projects of engineering machinery. The CEDTZ is focusing on developing automobile (engineering machinery) in a centralized and intensive manner, forming a cluster of “ten-billion-yuan enterprises”, and building up two “hundred-billion-yuan industries” of automobile manufacturing and trading.

13.Good start for first quarter of Chengdu, GDP grew by 15.1%
The first quarter, Chengdu’s economy maintained a healthy and fast developing trend, achieving an accelerated development, with a fairly good start. According to the data published lately, in the first quarter Chengdu has realized GDP of 76.2 billion yuan, up 15.1%, higher than the same period in 2006 and 2007.

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