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Thursday, April 17, 2008 20:03
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Thanks to the efforts in the past over four years, TEDA, on March 8, passed the acceptance test of three ministries and commissions of the central government and then became one of China’s first group of eco-industrial parks. Between March 7 and 8, the expert team and acceptance team of the leading office of the development of the national eco-industrial model zones, which is composed of the State Environmental Protection Administration, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, conducted in TEDA a two-day acceptance test including the examination, site inspection, and Q&As. Based on the Q&As and discussions of specialists, the teams pointed out in the Acceptance Result, that TEDA was developing into an eco-industrial park “propelled by the government, centered on enterprises, and supported by all people.” The basic conditions and indicators of TEDA meet the requirement as stipulated in China’s Standards for Comprehensive Eco-Industrial Parks.

It is learned that in 2004 the State Environmental Protection Administration of China officially approved TEDA to establish a state-level eco-industrial model zone. In September 2005, TEDA was approved to be one of China’s first group of pilot zones for circular economy by such six ministries and commissions of China including the National Development and Reform Commission, State Environmental Protection Administration, Ministry of Commerce, and Ministry of Science and Technology. After working hard for a few years, TEDA has developed an approach featured by the most efficient way of utilizing resources, reducing pollution, and increasing profits in the process of developing into an eco-industrial park. The next goal of TEDA is to “forge a new mode of green development.”

Apart from TEDA, Suzhou Industrial Park and Suzhou National New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone have also passed the acceptance test. After the 15 day national public announcement, upon the result of the announcement, TEDA, Suzhou Industrial Park, and Suzhou National New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone will become China’s first group of eco-industrial model zones. (Tr. by Dong Jing)

China’s First Education Supermarket for Migrant Workers Opens in TEDA
The migrant workers who live in TEDA will not worry about deficient education opportunities any more. From now on, they may continue their studies without walking out of their homes. Haiyan Digitized Education Center of Tianjin Radio& TV University, China’s first exemplary digitized education supermarkets for migrant workers, recently was set up in TEDA.

The supermarket was co-established by Binhai College of Tianjin Radio & TV University and Tianjin Haiyan Real Estate Co., Ltd. The supermarket is open to migrant workers every day from nine to 22. Migrant workers may not only independently study the knowledge and courses they are interested in but also can complete their studies, take on-line examinations, and obtain diplomas of junior college and regular college with the assistance of teachers. At present, eight majors for undergraduate and 11 majors for junior college students are available. (Tr. by Chen Yu)

MacGREGOR Plimsoll (Tianjin) recently held a grand opening ceremony in TEDA West. As a professional designer and producer of deck machinery and offshore equipment, MacGREGOR Plimsoll set up its 16,000-square-meter Tianjin facility with an investment of 12 million dollars in 2006 and launched local production since February, 2008. Its Danish corporate culture will surely make the new plant a modern and human-centered production and operation center.

Initiated in 1937 in Finland as part of Cargotec, the MacGREGOR Group has been a leading solution provider in global marine transportation market. It equips ship owners, ship and port operators and shipyards with hatch covers, cranes, ro-ro equipments and lashing systems. Its net sales revenue of 2006 hit 650 million dollars. By the end of 2006, it employed 1,117 employees and had operation in over 30 main marine and shipbuilding countries through over 60 branches worldwide.(Tr. by Zhang Shanshan)

Recently Tianjin Cosmo Polyurethane Co., Ltd. opened its new plant in the Chemical Industrial Park of TEDA. With an investment of 100 million RMB yuan, the new plant is expected to annually produce 18,000 tons of premixed polyether for foam and 20,000 tons of polyurethane resin. The annual output value is expected to reach 1.1 billion RMB yuan.

It is learned that Tianjin Cosmo Polyurethane Co., Ltd. is funded by Sinopec Tianjin Company, and Japan’s Mitsui Chemicals Inc. and Chori Co., Ltd.. Mitsui Chemicals Inc. and Sinopec Group are both on the list of the world’s 500 best companies. Moreover, Mitsui Chemicals is a world’s leader in manufacturing polyurethane products. Tianjin Cosmo Polyurethane Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells premixed polyether, isocyanate, auxiliary polyether bicomponent, basic polyether and related materials. Its products are mainly used for foam auto parts including steering wheels, seats, and seat cushions. Its major customers are such large electronic appliance makers and world-famous auto makers as Haier, Hisense, and Matsushita. (Tr. by Dong Jing)

Construction the Phase II of Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Center (BICEC), the main venue of the second Summer Davos meeting, is progressing smoothly as scheduled.

On its first floor, the Phase II will include registration hall, entrance hall, main exhibition hall (which allows 462 booths), temporary exhibition area (140 booths), kitchen, etc. During the 3-day event this September, 2,000 guests can dine and meet simultaneously in a 5,800-square-meter space.

Thanks to the rapid development of the Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA), TEDA, as the core of an international port metropolis, will surely become a more influential exhibition host. When completed, the Phase II of BICEC will serve as an organic complement to its existing part. Together with a lagoon and TEDA Soccer Stadium southward, this new exhibition arm will add charming luster to the exhibition and recreational facilities of TEDA, a place always proud of its creative and dynamic culture.(Tr. by Zhang Shanshan)

Recently, the China-US Center for Environment Remediation and Sustainable Development, a platform aiming at promoting technological innovation in energy, environment and sustainable development between the two countries, unveiled plate and held its first seminar in TBNA.

Jointly initiated by Nankai University of Tianjin and Rice University of the United States, the Center is located inside the TEDA College of Nankai University and has set up labs for hi-end energy and environment research subjects(such as the bioremediation of petroleum contaminated soil). It is expected to serve as a platform for the exchange and cooperation between industry and academia in TBNA and the Bohai Rim.

As an inter-governmental platform for technology cooperation, the Center is here to boost connections and information sharing between government agencies, universities, research institutions and enterprises on both sides. Nankai University and Rice University will each set up a sub-center to analyze common problems facing China and US in energy, environment and sustainable urban development, look for policy, management and technology solutions with creativity and economic feasibility, and explore cooperative mechanisms in related fields.

At the beginning stage, the work focus of the Center will be placed on TEDA. So far its members include Nankai University, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Rice University, Shell, Aerojet, etc. With 18 research projects currently under way, it is managed by a consulting committee made up of representatives from companies, local governments, and the two initiating universities. (Tr. by Zhang Shanshan)

The 18th Asian corporate conference of Asia Society will be held in TEDA from May 28 to 30. Co-sponsored by Asia Society, Tianjin Municipal Government and The Wall Street Journal Asia, the conference will focus on the theme of a new era for global business: sustainable growth for China and the World.

According to the organization committee, over 1,200 national and business leaders will attend the conference to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by Chinese economy and to study strategic models of sustainable development. The conference will involve such topics as energy, environment, urban development and management, innovation and entrepreneurship as the driving force for sustainable development, capital market, internationalization of Chinese enterprises, etc.

Founded by John D. Rockefeller III in 1956, Asia Society is the most influential nonprofit, nongovernmental and nonpartisan civil institution in the Asia-Pacific region. It aims at promoting the civil exchanges between the US and Asia and enhancing the mutual understanding among the people, leaders and organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. Each year Asia Society has a 2.5-day high-profile corporate conference to study the latest economic and business development in the Asia-Pacific region.

Since its first corporate conference in Hong Kong in 1989, Asia Society has seen the participation of over 150,000 people from 38 countries in its corporate conferences over the years. (Tr. by Chen Yu)

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  1. Duncan says:

    April 20th, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    On the first snippet above, I went to TEDA recently, and they were very keen to stress their environmentally-friendly credentials. However, I would note that on the drive back we passed one of the largest investments in their new extension area: a giant tyre factory – not a type of production usually regarded as being at the vanguard of the eco movement. Still, according to my guide they were very environmentally friendly for a tyre factory…