Chengdu Investment News: April 30

Thursday, May 1, 2008 20:52
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1. Sichuan’s imports and exports increased quickly in the first quarter
From January to March, the accumulated imports and exports of Sichuan province reached 4.06 billion US dollars, up 59.7% year-on-year, while 24.6% higher than the national average for the corresponding period, learned the journalist recently from the Chengdu Customs Office.

2. 150-million-yuan bill agreed, receiving transplantation of shoemaking industry from Guangdong province.
On April 16, at the seminar of Sichuan’s Reception of Transplantation of Shoemaking Industry of Guangzhou held in Guangzhou, “China Female Shoes Capital” Chongzhou Base concluded in total 7 projects of shoemaking and accessory industries, involving investment of 1.5 billion yuan, which made itself the industrial park signed with the most projects and largest investment.

3. China’s first specialized international talent market established in Chengdu
On April 17, the Chengdu Software Talent Market of China International Talent Market was officially established. It is reported that it is so far China’s first specialized international talent market approved by the State Foreign Experts Administration.

4. Another 15 financial background centers to be added in Chengdu
On April 18, the journalist learned at the “high management forum on outsourcing in financial fields” held by the municipal government, up to the end of 2007, 13 financial institutions including Ping An Insurance, Pacific Insurance, Construction Bank, Commercial Merchant Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agriculture Bank and Transportation Bank have set up their background centers in Chengdu, with total investment of 10 billion yuan. Currently, there are 8 banks, 6 insurance companies and 1 stock firm ready to sign with Chengdu the cooperation agreements to set up financial back-up service centers, developing various kinds of background services such as anti-disaster, calling, training and data. With the coming of more and more financial institutions, Chengdu is becoming the biggest financial back-up service center in West China.

5. Timken’s first Chinese world-class aerospace products center put into operation in Chengdu
On April 18, China’s first world-class aerospace products center set up by the multinational bearing company – Timken (Chengdu) Aerospace and Precision Products Co., Ltd was opened in Chengdu officially. It is reported that Timken Chengdu Company is Timken’s fifth factory in China, as well as its first product center in West China, which will be used to mainly produce aero-parts such as small and medium-sized ball bearing and column roller bearing for aerospace precision manufacturing and whole aircraft manufacturing.

6.Oracle China Consulting Service Center and Chengdu Solution Center started
On April 18, Oracle China Company announced that after one-year fine preparation, the Oracle China Consulting Service Center and Chengdu Solution Center located in Chengdu High-tech Zone were formally put into service.

It is introduced, the Oracle China Consulting Service Center will provide specialized consulting services including operation, finance, and resources and purchasing for clients in Japan, Korea, Chinese Mainland, China Taiwan, China Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

7. Hewitt Associates Chengdu Branch established
On April 18, with the announcement of the operation of the Chengdu branch newly set up by Hewitt Associates, the world famous human resources consulting company officially settled its business in West China.

It is reported that Hewitt will use its advanced concepts and best practices accumulated from its service for over 2,500 Chinese outstanding companies to provide the high-quality human resources consulting services for western companies and build the best employer brand.

8. China’s first brand in door business to build a base in Chengdu
To receive the industrial transplantation of coastal area-based companies, Pixian County welcomed China’s first door brand – Panpan Group to settle down. The Panpan Southwest Industrial Base with total investment of 700 million yuan, whose foundation stone was grandly laid on April 18 in the Chengdu Modern Industrial Park, will engage in the business of digital burglarproof door and digital lock, laying the groundwork for Panpan Group to enter into the central and western market.

9. 600 million yuan in first installment to build electromechanical industry park in Pixian
It is reported that the Sichuan Shengyi Eletromechanical Industry Park project with the first installment of investment of 600 million yuan has recently been started the construction in the Chengdu Modern Industrial Park, whose investor Hainan Haisheng Group is a large-scale enterprise well-known for its automobile and parts manufacturing. After the completion of the first phase construction, the park will bring out 800-million-yuan output annually.

10. West China International illuminating appliances fair inaugurated
Over 100 lamp manufacturers and more than 500 dealers came to Chengdu on April 19 to participate in the 3-day western pageant of lamps and lanterns – the 2008 West China International Illuminating Appliances Fair.

11. 2009 digital “Olympic Games” settled in Chengdu
After the selection and competition of a global scale, Chengdu succeeded in obtaining the sponsorship right of the finals of the 2009 World Cyber Games (WCG), which is also the first time for the game to have its finals held in China. On April 23, the signing ceremony for the sponsorship city of the grand event was held in Chengdu.

12. Sichuan’s tourist revenue first broke the threshold of hundred million yuan
On April 23, the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau published the 2007 annual report on tourist development of Sichuan, showing the total revenue of the sector broke the threshold of hundred million yuan for the first time, reaching 121.731 billion yuan, up 24.3%, which ranked the province ninth in China in terms of total tourism income.

13. Chengdu Kuan & Zhai Xiangzi to open in May
After over four-year elaborate reconstruction, the Kuan & Zhai Xiangzi (wide and narrow lanes) invested with nearly 600 million yuan is to be unveiled in May. It is reported that the Kuan & Zhai Xiangzi cultural area consists of various distinctive building clusters including 45 quadrangle dwellings of the Late Qing to the Early Republic style, art and culture combined garden villas and newly-built high-end courtyard-style hotels.

One of the three historical and cultural preservation zones in Chengdu, the area is the last remains of the city structure of the Old Chengdu of “Millennium Shao Cheng” and of the construction pattern of original buildings dating back over one hundred years, and also the “only existing copy” of northern Hutong culture and architecture in the South.

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