UPS Delivers the Terracotta Army

Thursday, May 8, 2008 6:00
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Just found the article Special Delivery: UPS Moving Ancient Terracotta Army, and had to write a quick post as I think this a great example of how some firms are able to get themselves into the middle of some interesting things.

For those who have yet to visit Xi’an, these warriors are simply an amazing site, and they rank up there with the Great Wall and Forbidden City in terms of cultural significance.

According to the ariticle:

UPS (NYSE:UPS) today unloaded an exhibit of the 2,200-year-old Chinese terra cotta warriors, horses and other artifacts at its West coast air hub in Ontario, Calif., after a long flight from Shanghai.

to make this move possible, UPS actually had to take special care

The U.S.-bound exhibit was packed in 42 specially-constructed crates for movement in the 747-400:

So, for whoever sold this project on behalf of UPS, my hats off to you. In my mind, this is one for the books, and I am sure the people in Nanpu and Atlanta are gleaming over this

Note: for the sake of full disclosure, I was once an intern with UPS and they forced me to shave off my goatee.

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