Suzhou Investment News: May 15

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 21:35
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Marketing Status

Total 3232 projects with total contractual foreign investment of US$ 32.96 billion

  • 28 new projects with total contractual foreign investment of US$ 122.63 million by the end of Apr., 2008

  • Foundation-layings & Openings
    George W. Buckley, Chairman and CEO of the Fortune-500 3M Company, announced on April 15 at the opening ceremony of “China Innovation Day” in Suzhou that the first 3 M manufacturing base for micro-optical engines of globally advanced technology to be located in SIP.

    Snecama Aerospace Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Messier-Dowty Aerospace (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., the two subsidiaries of the French-owned Safran Corporation and manufacturers of components parts of aircraft engines and landing gears, celebrated official opening on April 7 in SIP

    Suzhou Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., invested by the Japanese-owned Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co, held a foundation laying ceremony in SIP on April 17. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Group of Japan is composed of 99 groups and its sales revenue in 2007 amounted to 853.9 billion Japanese yan, of which the overseas sales made up 307.5 billion yan, or 36%.

    Big Events about SIP
    Hero Mindmine (HMM), the largest business process outsourcing (BPO) training company in India, opened up a China training center in Suzhou International Science Park in SIP on April 1 to help to train local BPO professionals, which is the largest BPO training center in China.

    Suzhou economic and trade promotion delegation gave a presentation on service outsourcing industry on April 4 in Bangalore, the reputed “Silicon Valley of India”, attended by over 500 VIP guests from business circles. On the visit to Bangalore, the delegation signed a contract on service outsourcing worth US$ 500 million, besides agreements and MOU on cooperation with Indian businesses in 9 projects.

    Through official evaluation and approval, Baitang Ecological Botanical Garden became the first 3A-grade national scenic spot in SIP on April 3. Original greenery and ecological environment are well preserved in the garden, and 9 functional areas are divided for ecological landscape, entertainment, leisure and physical therapy, etc., to enrich the country tour.

    At 2008 Annual Meeting of China Commercial Real Estate Industry in Hangzhou, an award-giving ceremony was held jointly by China Urban Commercial Network Construction Management Federation and “Business Times” magazine to honor the outstanding commercial brands. Suzhou Industrial Park Neighborhood Center was elected the “2008 best-growing commercial brand name”.

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